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  1. If you are cutting your own window can't you just cut those out too? Or are you doing a fancy smancy type window?
  2. What they consider "mansions" are $40,000 houses here. I love this city.
  3. This is sweet. Good on you for doing this giveaway! Best of luck to all!
  4. Last time I bought the bundle they sent me the codes for games added after I bought mine even though I didn't beat the average. Do they always do that?
  5. I am very happy to see that the first comments weren't people yelling at you for not getting a Seasonic/Corsair PSU.
  6. I keep buying the humble bundles but I never play the games.. Oh well it's a good deal.
  7. How about this: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/1rV9X A beast graphics card and a solid FX cpu. Great for a budget without skimping on performance. Should get great FPS at high settings on most games for a long time to come. If you wanted to you could change the CPU to an FX 6300 and change the video card to a 7850/660.
  8. I want to say YES just so I can stand out but the answer is No...
  9. $30 for a new release? You guys are now getting the price that everyone else has to pay. All new games are $60+ in the US
  10. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1rKzE That's about as cheap and good as you can get
  11. Faster RAM makes a HUGE difference in APU performance. Source:
  12. Okay thanks. Have any idea when the matx prodigy will be released? I was thinking of going mitx but it is pretty hard on a very tight budget.
  13. Lincoln, Nebraska. I am not a farmer
  14. I'm looking for a good case that is portable and easy to take around. I would like something with a handle if possible. ATX and MATX are both fine. I can adjust to either. I would like to spend no more than $50. Any suggestions?
  15. I really love this build. I hope I can do something like this one day! Of course I need a computer first...
  16. My friend needs the best gaming laptop he can get for under $850. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  17. Alright that is what I'll plan on doing. Thanks for the help!
  18. Well I was also thinking about waiting until the 9000 series gpus are released and I thought that an APU would suffice until then. What do you think about that? A 5800k and some fast ram should play games on low well enough right?