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  1. Is it really worth overclocking my EVGA GTX 1060 SSC?

    The GTX 10 series has been very good at overclocking but the manufacturers factory overclock them a lot and the highest you could get with a card like yours would be around 80-120mhz. But it is worth it, so go ahead.
  2. Pc shuts off after 5 seconds

    Try taking things out like the GPU, use 1 ram stick at a time and test each one of them, make sure nothing is shorting out the motherboard, unplug any other connectors. Only do these ONE AT A TIME so you don't have to spend time later finding out what it was.
  3. When to clean your PC from dust?

    Unplug everything, clean it every month or two, don't use a rag. Also clean it a little more frequently in the summer just to be sure you don't let anything overheat.
  4. Hearing yourself talk

    Ok no problem. Some people said go into sound settings and disable stereo mix. Also try plugging it into your phone and see if it still does it, or another computer.
  5. Hearing yourself talk

    Ok, if there's software for the headset try getting it and see if there's some option. My brother has the Logitech g633 and when the mic is on it echo's back into the headset, which you can't disable. And my Turtle Beach x12 does the same thing. The only solution would be to use a different mic or see if the software has a setting for that.
  6. Hearing yourself talk

    Does that headset have a microphone? Also try unplugging the headset completely and see if it still does. If it does then that's just because it's open.
  7. Is the MSI Z97 PC Mate limiting my overclocking?

    1.3v is needed for 4493MHz. The cooler runs on a really low fan speed and it could probably get cooler but it's really noisy. I'm ordering new thermal paste because I didn't apply it that well and it's 2 years old.
  8. Is the MSI Z97 PC Mate limiting my overclocking?

    It's a enermax liqmax 120s, i get about 75c load with 1.3v and 4493MHz.
  9. Is the MSI Z97 PC Mate limiting my overclocking?

    My friend has a 4690k that he got to 4.9GHz on like 1.33v on a gigabyte z97x gaming 5 (which died for no reason) and he is telling me my chip just doesn't have good overclocking. Which it probably true but at the same time my motherboard is pretty crap.
  10. Hearing yourself talk

    Does it have a microphone playing back into your headset? Or is your headset open?
  11. Hi, my desktop has a 4690k currently at 4493MHz and i can't seem to get any higher. I'm thinking maybe my motherboard isn't that great and was meant for overclockable Pentiums (which my friend told me). I kind of want a new motherboard anyway because I can't change that much on it. Also does anyone know how many power phases it has? And what do you guys think about the Asrock z97 fatal1ty killer?
  12. Is this a good wifi dongle

    If the reviews are good then sure.
  13. overheating LAptop

    What laptop is it and what specs does it have.
  14. Is this a good wifi dongle

    Looks like it doesn't have a official vendor. And i doubt that tiny thing is 150mbps.
  15. Microstutter ,fps drop

    Is your RAM or graphics RAM full? What's your CPU usage in game?