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    4690k @4.3GHz
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  1. BSOD after waking from sleep, or sometimes a GPU driver crash

    Yeah the CPU is overclocked but before when I had a i5-3330 it still did this.
  2. BSOD after waking from sleep, or sometimes a GPU driver crash

    Specs are in my signature like I said in original post, I'll paste them here if you can't see them: i5-4690k 4.4GHz, Noctua NH-u12s, MSI GTX 750 ti (non gaming), 16GB Corsair Vengeance, Dell s2240m 1080p (oc'd to 73hz), Asus VX24ah 1440p 60hz Same Corsair K70 Cherry MX Blue, Same Logitech G502.
  3. Which Laptop to should I get? Aero 15x or XPS 15

    Well if noise is your concern the xps 15 would be better. A 1070 in that little aero 15x is going to get hot and loud. Like I said before xps 15 will probably get way better battery life. Unless you want the better gpu I would pick the xps 15. If you don't care about size and weight the dell g7 is pretty good and a really good price. Battery life is claimed like 6 hours but that depends on what your doing a lot. Another point to get the xps 15 is that I just trust dell's build quality a lot more, maybe you don't but go check one out in real life, they are pretty tough. My 12 year old xps m1710 is physically in great shape but the graphics card has died due to a cooling issue on that laptop.
  4. Should I sell my old system (No PSU, GPU)

    With or without the gpu and psu? I doubt anyone would pay 400-500 USD for an FX system.
  5. Which Laptop to should I get? Aero 15x or XPS 15

    I'm pretty sure the xps 15 gets far better battery life. Which specs are you getting specifically? I see a few different aero 15x's with 6 cores, 4 cores, 1060's and 1070's.
  6. Hi, so I'm having an issue with windows bsoding or my gpu drivers crashing when I boot from sleep mode. This has been happening as long as I've had this computer and I'm pretty sure it's gpu related. I don't remember the exact bsod code but it was something about video drivers. This happened back when i was on windows 7 and still continues now. I am getting a new graphics card in a couple months but I'd like to try to fix the issue just so i can go into sleep mode and use wake on lan, once I get it to work. Specs are the desktop in my signature.
  7. Xbox one or a PC? Power button.

    All you really need to do is connect the wires from the Xbox power button to your motherboard power pin header. All power buttons do is short out 2 wires while being connected to your motherboard power button header which signals it to turn on.
  8. 6 or 4 core AMD Ryzen 7

    No it could actually lower performance if a lot of cpu is being used by other programs or the game.
  9. Lga771 to lga775

    You can get the lga 771 (xeons) onto lga 775 boards with an adapter places on the bottom of the cpu. The main reason for this is because the 775 boards are much cheaper. And like the post above says you might need a modded bios. Look around on ebay for used xeons and use some site like passmark.com and cpu.userbenchmark.com to compare performance. There are some videos on youtube that showcase great bang for buck used xeons.
  10. Need help badly

    Yeah that's why you look it up to make sure they're compatible. If the board is still powering on reset the cmos.
  11. About a Wifi adapter.

    It will work, I would recommend a pcie one though.
  12. Need help badly

    Xeons don't really work on consumer grade boards like yours. If it's a lga775 board and you got a lga 771 xeon there's an adapter mod.
  13. About 4 pins

    Yes, you just won't be able to control it with pwm. Your motherboard might have something that says dc control instead of pwm control.
  14. I need a new computer

    I'll try not to get off topic but it looks like there's a lot of errors in there. 29% for 1 out of 60 failed, and drive days 1.3 million in 2 spots and 2.9 million.
  15. I need a new computer

    What, had a bad experience with seagate? It's the other way around for me, a few friends had some wd drives that died, and my parents wd external died with wedding photos after 6 months of use. And our seagate 1tb nas has been running for 7 years. Also I don't think you really need a 360mm aio unless your doing a ton of overclocking. For the original poster, go with whatever you trust, it's going to depend on who you ask for which company is better.