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    4690k @4.4GHz
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    MSI Z97 PC Mate
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    4x4GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3
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    Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 ti
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    Samsung 840 128GB, 1TB Seagate Barracuda
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    Dell S2240M 1920x1080 73hz OC
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    Enermax liqmax 120s
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    Corsair K70 Cherry MX Blue
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    Logitech G502 Proteus Core
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    Logitech G933
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    Windows 10 (hate it)

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  1. Streaming + Gaming pc, best CPU?

    Ryzen 7 1700x or higher.
  2. Issues Readjusting Sound

    No problem, no guarantee that will fix it though.
  3. What was your first phone?

    My dad had one of those, he said it made a weird high pitch squel noise that drove him insane.
  4. Lian Li 550x/330w good airflow?

    Check out some reviews of it.
  5. Power 12v LED Strip with Molex Connector?

    Yes it should work fine just plugged directly into the molex plug. Just make sure the led strip is ok with 12v, I did that with a random led strip that came out of a keyboard and 12v was slightly too high and it slowly melted the LEDs and screwed up the color.
  6. Pc Build Help

    Looks great, nice job getting it to 1337$. 😉
  7. Issues Readjusting Sound

    Sounds like some internal damage, try sending them back for a RMA or just get new headphones. Or you could try resetting it which is somewhere on Logitech's website.
  8. What was your first phone?

    1st Gen Droid Turbo, still have it, using it right now.
  9. Dimming Secondary monitor while watching movies.

    If it's external, try using the on screen display with the buttons on the monitor to change the brightness. Other than that there isn't a way to do it with software as far as I know. Or just unplug the second one.
  10. Help, Want to Undervolt 860m

    Voltage control on gpu's is different from cpu's. Lowering the power will lower the clock speed and voltage. Lowering the clock speed means less performance which I'm guessing isn't your goal. You can't exactly undervolt gpu's and if you could you wouldn't get any big noticible efficiency gain because they are already lowered pretty close to the limit before instability. The only real way to do it is bios modding and that can be dangerous and there's a possibility you either brick or break your card. Or succeed and get 2c lower temps, if you can even flash the bios which is very rare to be possible on laptops.
  11. Help, Want to Undervolt 860m

    I don't think you really can undervolt gpu's, unless you lower the clock speed then it does by itself. Also mining on laptops is almost useless, my 970m gets a couple mh/s for ethereum. But if your looking for good mining cards the r9 290x and RX 400 or 500 series are good but the price is way too high due to other miners buying all of them.
  12. New Ryzen Processors

    Usually those updates come out later after or right when they announce the cpu, or when they are being reviewed. Although I did hear something about ryzen 2 in a leaked roadmap or something.
  13. i7 4770 upgrade or ryzen 1200

    You could go for a better ryzen cpu, you would need a new motherboard but ryzen is a better value.
  14. AE-VX500 Enough for my system?

    They are the same voltage do they should work but make sure the pinout lined up an the connecter even goes in.
  15. I'm confused

    Lol how is that possible.