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  1. I've got a HD7850 and have been looking to upgrade for a while. Maybe winning a next gen card would push me to upgrade the rest of my rig
  2. I have a Q8300 (Core2Quad) which has seen better days running with a GT610 (basically all that does is gives a few more video outputs, I'm pretty sure it does no graphical processing of any worth), 4gb ram, 2 HDDS (500+250). I'm going to uni this September and would love a rig to take with me for my first intro to lan's. I've done some modding to system but the next thing that really needs some attention is that graphics card (although really I wouldn't call it one :P) This is immensely kind of you and I'm really surprised to see someone do this in the community so good on you! You're the kind of person who makes the internet worthwhile! Good luck to all who enter, Sierra_7
  3. I really need an upgrade from my crappy dell peripherals, out of the 2 its gotta be the keyboard
  4. You need that ssd for those boot times. my current pc just crawls...
  5. Cause it's a great compromise between size and performance and would be really useful at uni so I can get a lighter thinner notebook for notes etc and then have this for gaming
  6. I'm looking at getting a fairly well specced laptop at some point between now & easter. I would probably want; core i5 or i7 at least 500gb storage 8gb ram 15" some form of dedicated graphics I've been looking around and a Lenovo Z51-70 seems like a pretty good buy for ~£700. Does anyone have experience of that laptop or have any better suggestions for a laptop in that price range? Any suggestions would be great!
  7. Damn that headset looks awesome Looks like a real solid quality product
  8. Smart Switch cause that has been the bane of my life when switching before. It can take forever! Looks like samsung have made it easy as pie
  9. Final Mouse sound like a pretty cool bunch of guys and as we all know Dell Mice suck for anything more than 30 seconds...
  10. Thx Linus & co Y'all do a great job! Loving A>N so thx for the code
  11. I know! It's just some stock OEM dell thing liteon I think.... (Do as i say, not as i do? ) Right, I know nothing about AMD cards....
  12. Something not even worth mentioning; ~350/400W I think but i don't really trust that figure, it should be good for a 80-100W card (probably).
  13. So basically for low TDP go with the 750 Ti, if I have a PSU upgrade go for a R9 card over an R7 card (are they the same gen?)? Thanks for the responses!
  14. Could anyone recommend a good card to pair with a C2Q (Q8300) without bottlenecking it, or vice versa. Don't need anything to mental, just enough to run games in native res (1440 by 900) on med/high settings. Preferably a low TDP & less than £100 used. Does a HD7770 fit the bill?
  15. I prefer a full 104 key layout (the numpad is quite useful & it just spreads everything out). Although if I had less space & my desk was cramped I'd switch to a TKL in a heartbeat.