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Everything posted by CydiaDash

  1. Well, I'm 'officially' going on a hiatus from this forum. Dunno when I'll come back properly, got loads going on atm and stuff. Dunno why I'm posting this, no one will notice I'm gone anyway lol. Later all :)

  2. This new forum system is shite :)

  3. Bloody hell, I paid nearly 60 quid for DDR3 8GB in 2014!!
  4. You made an account just to post your shitty video?
  5. Already used most of the storage on my phone... :(

  6. Things like this are the reason I haven't quit this dumb forum. Great build man!
  7. It's been a long time since I had beats, so maybe they need drivers now? Idk lol.
  8. Well I can't see it either ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. iPhone 6s Master Race :D

  10. ok fuck that old status

  11. My new years resolution - Only come of the forum when I need to cause it's such a piece of shit now. :)

  12. Still trying to decide which is better, Samsung, Apple or Sony?

  13. There's this thing called patience. Yeah...
  14. Not really anywhere except from those places. What's wrong with them?
  15. Oh, this is funny. I'm so sorry you got offended, by me calling you ignorant? You're right, respectful place, not a 'go away I don't like what you said' place. Good day sir/madam I hope you enjoyed our conversation.
  16. You just came out with a blatant statement saying the 380 was shitty, not explaining, not saying that was your opinion or anything of that nature. You didn't say what games you were playing, what FPS you wanted to achieve - completely no context whatsoever. This isn't Facebook Messenger, this is a forum, where we explain what we write and we discuss things properly; not telling someone to "go away" because they contradict you or make you realise what you have written is dumb.