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  1. So im a huge samsung fan I used like 10 samsung phones including the s6 edge, s7 edge, s8+ and now the note 8. I have most samsung products smart watches, tvs, fridge, washing machine, vr headset, sd cards, headphones and even ssds. Now my note 8 is fine, its not the best camera or battery but its good, performance and display are very good. Software is ok and im not a huge fan of the s pen, i uss it when i need it, but its not why i got this phone for. I got it for the extra 2 gigs of ram. So now there is the mate 10 pro which i belive is very good but i dont wanna rush and buy it then find out its not super great. So what do you think guys ahould i buy the mate 10 pro, or not I should also mention that im gonna get the s9+ once its out, but im talking about now. Mate 10 pro or note 8.
  2. Well i need to know coz i wont buy a game that doesn't have 4 player split screen
  3. I wanna know which of these games can i play 4 player split screen on PS4 PRO Doesn't matter if it online or offline but it must be zombies and multiplayer COD WWII COD IW COD BO3
  4. super fast, i will run a full OS with programs on it. what about sandisk?
  5. yup i know that since ssd is faster than hdd but which brand of external ssd is this the fastest
  6. I'm looking for a super fast external storage doesn't matter if its a USB drive or a portable drive or a non portable one as long as its super fast and external not an internal one.
  7. dexzizo

    Push pull

    My question is simple Can i put a cooler Master jet flow in push and a cooler master sickle flow in pull on a hyper 212 cooler
  8. And yes i did use an antivirus and i scanned my phone and found out that its clean
  9. Did you both read what i posted Yes i did try different browsers and they work fine And yes i did clear both cache and data and reinstalled chrome still no luck
  10. Ok so the problem is that all of the sudden chrome stoped connecting to the Internet it works fine in incognito and all other apps and browsers works well this happens on both data and wifi, i have an s6 marshmellow and i did remove both chrome and my apn and installed them again and did a restart and still nothing please help.
  11. so i recently installed medal of honor warfghter on windows 10 and everything works perfectly except for the fact that in game the mouse wont move in the menu it moves perfectly so what can i do hardware acceleration is turned off, so what can i do.
  12. well they turned out to be ssd accelerators and i was asking because we wanted to upgrade some ssds in our workstations at work