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Status Updates posted by TheGhzGuy

  1. BOINC and Linux have just been denying me as of late. Once I solve one issue with the setup, another one pops up. Probably will just try some hanky way of attaching GPUs to laptops. Banggood don't fail me now. 

  2. I bought another GPU.


    I need help.

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      nah fam you need another monitor for them max settings to shine

    2. TheRandomness


      Depends on the GPU though :P

  3. I am not having much luck in OW again. To be expected, as I'm terrible, but annoying to say the least.

  4. So NPR tweeted the Declaration of Independence yesterday. That didn't go too well. 

  5. Got a Seasonic power supply for 18 dollars and a CM N200 for 30. It's been a good two days.

  6. 7 Games lost in OW Competitive.



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    2. yathis


      7 Games lost is why

    3. TheGhzGuy


      I can understand doing something else for a period of time, learning from one's mistakes, etc, but uninstalling is kinda a waste of time. It's not like I'm saying that this game sucks and I want it to die a horrible death or whatever. (That would be silly and a waste of my $40) I'm just annoyed that I wasn't able to play my best and help my team to the best of my ability. 

    4. yathis


      Hey I play drunk!

  7. I am seriously considering jumping ship from Google phones to a OnePlus 5....when it comes out. 

    1. Aytex


      Gud luck, if the abandon the 3t like the op2 then I'mma jump ship from OnePlus cause that shit is unexceptable 

    2. TheGhzGuy


      It's mostly because my 6P has a charging issue and it's getting worse. I doubt it'll last until October.

    3. Hackentosher


      S8 is fantastic :D

      Just the screen scratches real easy and the selfie camera's lens is blury and narrow. 

  8. Looks like my next laptop might be coming from across the pond. Specifically, Portugal. 

  9. Within 8 months a friend of mine has changed his political beliefs 4 times.



    I can't make this up

    1. 2FA


      Sounds right.

    2. ARikozuM


      We are human after all. Unless your friend is Skynet and he's on the verge of being self-aware.

  10. Fusion 360, your loft tool is confusing AF

    1. Hackentosher


      Just sketch the angled feature you want onto a perpendicular edge and cut it out. 

  11. Three cheers for staying up until 2 AM studying for Biology and math!












  12. Me logic: Well my car finally works. Time to get another project car!

  13. This weekend should (hopefully) mean time to overclock a 7 year old GPU as far as it'll go before it melts itself.

    1. Kierax


      Prepare for this by meditating to Nyan cat for six hours, while in a circle of hot dogs and cheeseburgers.  During this, the GPU is placed on a shrine to Gabe and Todd Howard being bathed in the glory of his gaming goodness.



    2. TheGhzGuy


      I laughed too hard at that. Maybe I'll put a Hyper 212 on it with the power of zip-ties

    3. Factory OC

      Factory OC

      F*ck Gabe, The real person to be bathed here is Sean Murray...

      Zip-ties are the tool of life, and contains the power to bind everything possible. If it can't be zip-tied, then it's uses lies in the  military, as reinforcement.

  14. When you see two forum members arguing over things that don't matter. *Sits down with some popcorn*

  15. And now to order a PSU that'll sound like a jet engine. 

  16. Look! LTT changed their thumbnails it seems!

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    2. imreloadin


      Sorry but one decent thumbnail doesn't count as a "change". Now if the next 5 videos are like that then that'd be grounds for celebration, don't jump the gun however xD

      My guess is that the clickbait was toned down a lot per Corsair's request.

    3. TheGhzGuy


      It's a start.

    4. Factory OC

      Factory OC

      Yep, would be glad. I love running my 1050P monitor at 800x600...Capture.PNG.a5261f0e6025d192089de5d825399a62.PNG

      And that thumbnail looks good at this resolution...

  17. Just noticed one of the things in your signature is a part of No One Sleep In Tokyo by The Edo Boys (or some other Eurobeat band) 




    Just thought I should let you know someone noticed. 

    1. Droidbot




      E U R O B E A T 

    2. TheGhzGuy


      The genre of music that makes no sense 

  18. One might say I'm a bit salty that the GTX 1050 Ti laptop stock is still as low as it is. Not to mention there aren't many reviews. Oh well. 

  19. I suggest that if you want help with a gaming PC, go into the New Builds and Planning section of the forum. LTT staff rarely replies to people. 

  20. Overwatch Logic: You should totally be playing against people who have played the game for well over 100 hours when you've only played 10!

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    2. Railgun


      It's supposed to match people based on player skill. I find that their algorithm is shaky. Sometimes it feels right but other times it's ridiculous. I'm currently getting paired against people who are level 600-800 when meanwhile I'm 140 :/

    3. TheGhzGuy


      @Mina Darsh I usually play solo Quick Play because my friends usually aren't online. (I may play competitive at some point, but not anytime soon) That must really suck to get hammered with loss after loss after loss. (It's been happening to me so I kinda feel your pain lol)

    4. TheGhzGuy


      @Railgun Damn. I've played against 120 players before and gotten absolutely destroyed (I'm only level 30). That's almost insulting to play against someone that high level.

  21. *When you have 6 rolls of filament arriving at your house* 0-0

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    2. iamdarkyoshi


      When you have over 1k worth of pc parts arriving at your house

    3. TheGhzGuy


      Christmas in January!

    4. Hackentosher


      You and your wired interwebz :(






      Feels bad, man. 

  22. Welp, now I want to build computer speakers even though I never use them. GG Brain.