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  1. Hi guys.Today i downloaded and installed GTA:San Andreas and when i tried to run it, it said ''You need atleast DirectX 9 Version".As far as i know i have 11.Then a tab from Windows Update has showed and it said to install (i think it was DirectX Update or something like this).I Installed it and then i ran the game, but the fps was arround 15-20 even on the lowest resolution... How to recover my DirectX version because when i tried to run Fortnite my fps was dropping really hard... My pc specs are GTX 1050Ti and G4560.
  2. Then i should buy a new mobo if i want to upgrade ? I think that will be more expensive
  3. Im just curious, because in maybe 2 years i can find a second hand 7700k and buy it, idk
  4. Hi guys, i've recently bought a G4560 and im curious what CPU can i put in my H110M mobo for a future upgrade?I also have 1050Ti.
  5. But i like for now the monitor, i thought it was full hd
  6. Lol..i played fortnite at epic settings with 60 fps and if i buy new monitor i wont be able?
  7. If i get 1920x1080p monitor how much will my performance drop , i have 1050ti and 1280x1024
  8. What about getting an used gtx 970 instead of gtx 1060 ?