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  1. (I googled "bouncing gif" and got MUCH different results......im at work )
  2. This. I cant tell you how many times I've seen "Where Can I order a Loque Ghost S1?" or a "Dancase A4 or C4" becasue the website is currently out of stock, but the only place they actually sell them from. (Side note if you havent checked out the Sidearm T1, I'd recommend it. It looks awesome for what it is) https://sidearmd.com/products/t1
  3. There are a lot of good cases in that range then. Phanteks P400A, Enthoo Pro M TG, P300A Fractal Design Meshify C Coolermaster MB511 RGB, NR600, Mastercase H500 (the last one might have gone up over $100 due to tarrifs) Corsair 220T, 275R airflow
  4. One of the best quality ATX cases under $60 USD just got an airflow upgrade.




    1. Plouffe


      And then the P500A will Eclipse it.


      I'm out ====>

  5. Correct. I'm still in the habbit of calling my consumer Router/AP combo just a router even though it's the AP portion of this that send the Wifi signal.
  6. Not really? There are PLENTY of cases larger than 13.6L It's smaller than the Silverstone RVZ 01/03 and the Coolermasster Elite 110 by volume. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dzRY3LLsXcDX5Qt5PvQOrAJhw0EK9Cy7UtQPdyRp6PY/edit#gid=0
  7. Dont we need entirely new routers for this though? Theoretically it could be rolled out onto older hardware that supports it but I havent seen that happen. (For reference I have an Asus RT-AC68U)
  8. Not of various sizes. I just knew these two were good sources for most rectangular cutouts that cheaper cases lack. Sorry
  9. I just flipped my mouse 180 to see what it would be like... Other than not being able to reach my scroll wheel easy, I could see how someone could get used to it, if it was their first time using it.
  10. They're not exactly the same, as the Xtreme seems to be an OEM board, but it's for all intensive purposes based off the Pro4, so specs should be nearly identical.
  11. The only sad thing is, when GPU's get longer than 265mm long, the max height allowed shrinks from 145mm (a 1080ti FTW3 height) to 128mm.
  12. That would be correct. The fan hub has both 4 pin and 3 pin headers for both types of fans, so you can plug in the versions you have to the fan hub and it will control them accordingly.
  13. THIS year, the Lancool 2 (and the upcoming Mesh version) is poised for best case of late 2019/2020. Most other cases currently that are good are refreshes of previous cases. Previously in 2018, The Lian Li PC-O11D was easily the best case of the year.
  14. For an RTX 2080, you will want a case with good airflow to keep that card cool, assuming you're doing a lot of gaming (I assumed 99% of users on thiese forums are) There are MANY good cases in this price point. What do you like in a case: Do you like RGB? tempered glass? PSU shrouds for hiding cables? Do you like white cases over black cases, or does color not matter?
  15. Also consider this is a 13L case, which is pretty small compared to many other mITX cases most mainstream companies put out. The fact that NZXT is also able to throw in the PSU and AIO means they can really trim the lengths of cables and tubes to be a proper length to make everything fit well, and according to the Hardware Canucks review, it works very well (save for the USB-C cable being a bit too short for the motherboard he was using, but NZXT will send out longer cables for launch day cases and will update future cases with the longer cable) To make things better, CAM software is NOT required in any way. The AIO is totally 3 pin and 4 pin controlled. It's not going to be a top pick for mITX case enthusiasts, but it offers a lot of simplification to small form factor builds for less experienced builders. I'd be happy to have this on my desk.
  16. Cases that come with RGB fans with good airflow in the $100 USD price range: Phanteks P400A RGB (or ARGB) Coolermaster Masterbox MB511 RGB Coolermaster Mastercase H500 [sometimes more than $100 though) Thermaltake Versa J24 Tempered Glass Rosewill Spectra D100 [price is inflated at the time of posting though so ignore this for present day, might be useful for future readers]
  17. Yes. The max GPU length in this case is 300mm, and all the Gigabyte RTX2070 super cards are between 285 to 290mm long, so you should be good.
  18. Correct. It has a dust filter behind a clear tempered glass panel. There are gaps on either side for airflow to come into the case, but the weird triangle design version will be the better performer for airflow if that's what OP values more than aesthetics.
  19. -Moved to Folding@Home, BOINC and Coin Mining-
  20. Neither is "correct" its more do you want your case fans to be controlled with your CPU cooler fan speed, or do you want them controlled separately as your current R5 setup is? Most people have a separate fan curve for them by plugging them into a chassis fan header and using the motherboard fan curves to adjust the speeds. Why the R6 shows to plug into the CPU header I'm not sure, but it's not needed to make the fans work properly.
  21. The H700 is solid. Good build quality, and the three 120mm fans at the front can pull in pretty decent amounts of air from both side vents which should be good for most levels (entry, mid range, high end) of builds.
  22. I dont think, I know. https://www.bequiet.com/en/case/1720 Your GPU max length is 369mm long in this case, and that's with the included fan at the front. Since it's mounted on the front of the rails (pictured below), removing the fan does not increase your max GPU length, so 369 is your hard cap. With that said, an AIO rad is usually 27mm thick, and another fan is an additional 25mm long. 369-27-25=317mm max gpu length.
  23. Whats your planned or current system specs, and shopping location (country)?
  24. I've heard that enabling windows Performance mode (in power settings) could also cause idle clocks to be higher. I haven't verified this though. My 144hz + 60 hz monitors cause my 1080ti to sit idle at the 1300mhz range as well.