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  1. TVwazhere
    UPDATE: 4/30/19
    Credits to @Firewrath9 for suggestions are corrections.
    I was gonna do a status update but this started getting sorta long, so...
    After watching Paul's review of the case which went into much more detail than other reviews I've seen so far, I drew a strikingly large amount of similarities between this and the Define R6/S2 cases from Fractal (some of my personal favorite cases) with some notable differences. The P600S is basically the Evolv X with (different (IMO better) exterior paneling. Some stats were taken from the Evolv X spec page since the P600S doesnt have an official one yet.
    Case Comparison Feature Define R6 Define S2  Eclipse P600S Notes MSRP $150 $150 $150 Price in USD Motherboard Max Size E-ATX E-ATX E-ATX Note that EATX motherboard support is 285mm long for the R6/S2 and
    280mm long for the P600S
    360mm rad support Y(F,T) Y(F,T) Y(F,T) F is Front, T is Top
    175/NAmm (F,T) clearance for R6/S2
    90/65mm (F,T) Clearance for P600S
    420mm rad support Y(T) Y(T) Y(F) F is Front, T is Top
    Same clearances as 120mm
    140mm Rad Top Mount
    Motherboard/RAM Module Clearance
    35mm 35mm 50mm Max Height of RAM/Mobo heatsinks
    before interference with Top RAD occurs Foam for Silence Y Y Y   Side ventilation For airflow Y Y Y   Front Openable for Best airflow Y N Y   3.5" HDD Support 6 (up to 11)  [2] 3 4 (10) (#) is max possible config,
    [R6 Open Layout max is 2] Dedicated SSD Support 2 (4) 2 (4) 3 (#) is max possible config Type A ports (3.0), (2.0) 2, 2 2, 2 2, 0   3.1 gen 2 Type C Y* Y Y *Define R6 series with specific SKU or addon Black, Gray, White Color Options Y Y Y   5.25" Legacy Bay Y N N   Hinged  Side Doors N N Y   Fan Hub Incuded Y Y Y   Top panel Removable for Airflow Y Y Y   Vertical GPU Bracket Included N N Y   Vertical GPU Cable Included N N N   GPU Anti-Sag Bracket Included N N Y* *Mounts in rear PCI-E tabs mITX dual config support N N Y* *Not included by default Custom Watercool Fill Port Y Y Y Located on top radiator bracket,
    removable Custom Watercool Drain Port N N Y* *Access requires front panel removed Good cable management Y Y Y   PSU bracket for easy install Y Y Y   Full length dust filter (front access) Y Y N   PSU Showoff Cutout N N Y Subjective Aesthetic Dedicated Reservoir mount N Y N   Optional Pump Mount Y Y Y   140mm Fans Included 3 3 3   Top Panel Air Cover  Y Y Y For unused air fan/RAD locations  
    I could have easily gone in further like how both fan controllers can do 4 PWM and 3 DC voltage control, but at this point it's pretty clear that the cases trade blow for blow upon many of the categories. Many of the included accessories were welcome including the included Vertical GPU bracket (I'm not sure if only first party cables will work with this though) and Anti Sag Bracket. We have to praise Phanteks here from learning from their past mistake of making too much of the $200+ case "DLC" (Not including SSD trays? Vert GPU Bracket?)
    RGB Not included. Not Sorry.