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  1. Super excited for the new addition of Vessel and the new opportunities it might afford LMG. Vessel Username is HTiLewis. Favorite vids over there are https://www.vessel.com/videos/Yj4PbcgKjand https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0. Thanks for the giveaway! Enjoy your vacation, Linus, and best of luck on Vessel!
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. I'd like to eventually go 1440p, but that's not in the cards right now.
  3. Hey guys, So, I've got an msi 670 right now and I think it's time to upgrade. I've got enough of a budget to go with a 970 or stretch up to a 980. I plan on doing some upgrades in a few months, like new monitor and some other things. Here's what I'm running now: 3820 P9x79 Seasonic 860 psu 8gb 1333 Kingston ram 120gb Kingston ssd 500gb hdd If I go with the 970, I can get rid of that ram and get a proper 16gb kit at 1600mhz at the same time. If I go this route, I could also get a second for sli in a few months. I know the LTT team suggests the best single card, but it's a hell of a lot of money to throw at a single computer component going with the 980. What do you guys think? My current Ram setup has bothered me since I got the computer because it's 1333mhz lol. I didn't know any better at the time. Thanks in advance!
  4. Big fan of the way the fans off til it needs cooling. Love that silence! And pun intended.
  5. I just got mine in the mail today, 191. They're fantastic. Super comfy, even on my enormous head, sound good, and seems to have a decent mic. Couldn't be more happy with them. Let us know what you think about them when they come in!
  6. The signatures and the fact it was on a mountain are my favorite things. Really cool! Accidentally hit the submit button twice and can't figure out how to delete the second post lol.
  7. The signatures and the fact it was on a mountain are my favorite things. Really cool!
  8. HTiLewis


    My monitor is 1680x1050, but planning on at least going to 1080p or higher when the budget allows and 4k is widely adopted so the prices fall on the lower resolution monitors lol.
  9. HTiLewis


    Does it matter that I wouldn't be going with the same manufacturer? If I went with MSI, for instance, would it jack the whole thing up? Or do I just need to keep the clock speeds and vram relatively similar? Thanks for finding those Coom, I was searching for 670, not gtx 670 (which seemed to make a difference!).
  10. HTiLewis


    Thanks for the replies guys. I haven't had any real luck finding my particular 670 anywhere. It's the EVGA superclocked 2gb version. My PSU is 860w, so I'm not worried about running it, just can't find them.
  11. HTiLewis


    I am contemplating getting a new graphics card. In my budget is the green team 770 (I haven't had any experience with the red team). For about $400, I can get an EVGA ACX 770 with 4gb of vram. I'm starting to get into modding skyrim and would love a little more vram to push through the texture packs and such...and future proof for a different monitor. I'm pretty happy with the performance of my 670 and if I could find another 670 that wasn't being sold at some dude's house on craigslist, I'd pick one up and try SLI. I know my improvements in FPS aren't going to be majestic, but does this upgrade make sense? I know I would essentially be buying a beefed up 680.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions guys. It's tough even finding a 670 these days, although I did find some on eBay, but that seems a little sketchy. Great input though, really appreciate it.
  13. lol yea, I tried to spice up what is really another "Just tell me where to spend my money so I don't have to think about it" thread.
  14. There ya go SLS. I've got another 500gb hard drive in the rig that I forgot to add in.
  15. All good suggestions, including the beer and PS4...although I'm not athletic enough for the baseball bat.