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  1. cannot hear anything using my VSX 531

    when using Pioneer VSX531 reciver i cant hear anything ... installed drivers, everything seems to be connected properly but i still cant hear anything .... help anyone please?
  2. cant find our home wifi

    how can check if my internet is 5ghz or 2.4?
  3. cant find our home wifi

    ok so i am using a new pc that has Tp Link pci-e wifi adapter but i can only find one of our neighbors wifi connection and no other ones including ours so actually the problem is i cant connect to our home wifi.... any idea how i can fix it ?
  4. that worked ^^ thank you everyone for your help !!!!
  5. yes, gotta be, its 1tb like my hdd and no other hard drive is connected to my machine
  6. that is what written there man
  7. that's what just written in diskpart
  8. disk 0 - foreign (the hdd ) disk - 1 online (the new ssd)
  9. ok i will do it tomorrow since i am not near it right now thank you for now and i will quote you if i managed or i have a question
  10. i had to do something with it before i installed windows convert the ssd to something ( i dont really know i just followed some guide on the internet) so i can install the windows on it i always forget to say things but i tried to get to that administor and convert the hdd maybe but i couldnt find the way
  11. my case is so shitty its gona take ages untill i will be able to take it out i will try and see what i can in the software i am not near the pc right now but it think i will try and reset the bios maybe that will help
  12. if the bios shows the hdd exists it means the hdd isnt dead right ?
  13. oh yea forgot to mention as far as i know disk D should be like additional drive right ? so it doesnt show D at Disk Manager at all