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  1. Downloaded it just not sure how i use it...
  2. Youtube, instegram, whatsup...
  3. My new s10 e has a problem that after short regular everyday usage the phone heats up to where its uncofortable and the battery starts draining faster... Why is that ? Can i fix it? Maybe its a phone defect?
  4. i have an old cpu - i5 4570 with a newer gtx 1070 GPU and 8 GB ram and no matter what graphic settings i set the game on, the game runs really bad jumping from 80 fps to 30 and back over and over again and its unplayable.... the GPU is on 100% when my gpu is on only 60% so theres probably bottleneck is there anything i can do other than buying a new cpu ? cause i will probably just wont do it since i dont have time to play games anymore anyway....
  5. LG 43UJ620Y vs samsung UE40MU7000 i need to choose between those two and they cost where i live around the same price which one is better and why ? thanks for answering
  6. by the way its not listed as microphone its listed as 2-USB device it has both headphones port and a microphone port
  7. no the microphone doenst do any noise, but it aint broken i used it connected straight into the 3.5 jack but i needed more power to drive it and thats why i bought the usb adapter maybe the adapter is the one defective
  8. it is listed and i tried to turn up the volume to max but that didnt work
  9. so i bought an orico usb to 3.5 adapter out of ebay and now when im trying to connect the microphone to the adapter and then to the computer the microphone doesnt work at all, what could be the problem ?
  10. So strange nobody knows nothing about that Ok nevermind thank you guys
  11. Fuck it i would rather fucking buy 200$ every year and not spend money on that bullshit
  12. yea i guess its true they loose capacity OVER TIME but in this case it was just a major change in just few days.... and battery has been really good with that app (accubattery) working all the time so i dont thing thats the app's fault
  13. i have the samsung galaxy a7 2017 for like 11 months now and it has been amazing untill now but from like 12-13 of hours of use (screen open) using it became like 8-9 (using an app that shows me battery drain - it was 9.5%\hour before, now its like 11%\hour) and it changed in just few days... tried to restore the phone, wipe out the cache but nothing helps ! also the phone started to heat up just a bit more - from like 35-40 maybe 2 weeks ago at max its now like 40 -55 maybe even sometimes close to 60 (and i never game on that phone ) it is still quick, everything w