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  1. 1. Make sure the GPU has auxiliary power connected. (In your pictures it looks like it does.) 2. Does it boot up with HDMI connected to the mobo? If so, then there may be a bios setting to disable GPU.
  2. I have not used a sanus, but I have used middle atlantic for pro gear. Their stuff is very well built (though expensive).
  3. 43. I've been gaming since Atari 2600, then moved to Apple IIGS (with ubiquitous Oregon Trail), then 286, been PCs ever since. Still game 1 - 4 hours per day. I don't multiplayer anymore either unless it's with friends. That stopped... a while ago, but not because of reflexes, those are fine, the issue was the online community. I loaded up Crysis (I think that's what it was) into a team deathmatch 5 days after it came out and I was yelled at for not knowing how to play that map. No thanks. Where did I put that copy of Unreal Tournament...
  4. Have you tried the latest mobo drivers from Gigabyte?
  5. Ah, OK, good to know. I was only looking at the "Nobsound Little Bear MC2" pre-amp. With the Behringer, is the pre-amp necessary?
  6. If you wanted to use the same mic and interface, then you need a pre-amp with phantom power (and can just do a search for "pre-amp with phantom power"). Basically, the mic needs a power source; phantom power provides 48 volts DC along the XLR cable as a DC offset. At any rate, it's not uncommon and should be easy to find. Or, as @Firewrath9 indicated, go with a mic that doesn't need phantom power or uses a powered interface (like USB).
  7. That mic requires phantom power (most condensers do). Since that pre-amp is passive, I'm assuming it does not provide phantom power.
  8. It's a grid bug from Tron. https://www.google.com/search?q=tron+grid+bugs&rlz=1C1GCEU_enUS819US819&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwias-WV_-HiAhUyMn0KHd8FCoQQ_AUIESgC&biw=1113&bih=1050
  9. Really depends on where you are. When I was home schooled in Washington state, the colleges wanted to see a diploma, a GED, or a certain amount of college credit. (More on this below.) Also in Washington was the ability to take college level classes from a community college free of charge for high school students (if you passed the placement tests). By the time I graduated high school, I had already been going to college for two years. This was enough to satisfy the requirements of most universities (plus SAT scores), even though I didn't have a diploma or GED. Whic
  10. I switched because my parents bought an Apple IIgs and the games were way more advanced than our Atari 2600. Then we got a 286, then 386, and so-on. Never looked back.
  11. To the various residents of BC: I'm planning a trip to Tofino BC (in September) and I'm faced with a number of possible routes. I'm coming from Vancouver (no, the other one, the one near Portland) and I can take the Black Ball out of Port Angeles or one of several ferries on the Eastern side. from where I'm at Google maps gives them all a similar duration (± 1 hr). The only one I'm ruling out is the ferry through the San Juan's because it is quite a bit longer. Do any of you locals have a preference? Ferries that have better food, better scenery, etc. Th
  12. Logitech is making the MX518 again. I like it a lot.
  13. There are KVM switches with a wireless remote. One set of IO would stay with the computer and the physical KVM switch; the other set of KVM cables would be run through the wall (assuming the rooms are adjacent) and have the wireless switch remote in that room with the other set of IO. This would not work if there is a large distance between the two rooms.
  14. This is clearly a false dichotomy. There are times when fettuccine is called for; other times spaghetti is the right choice.
  15. Something like this: https://www.kitguru.net/components/leo-waldock/fractal-design-meshify-c-mini-review-meshify-c-gets-smaller/