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  1. Looks terrible as a bookmark on Chrome, though.
  2. I checked and followed all instructions on https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3081048 and I meet all system requirements.... I've been troubleshooting for almost an hour now, is there anything I'm missing?
  3. GLaDOS, because my laptop was Wheatley and my phone was Chell at the time. If I ever make a media device for movies and music and stuff, I might go for "Cave."
  4. PS4 if you're into just gaming. XBox if you want a media box or something.
  5. Can anyone explain why this happens? Is it something related to the Arabic in the code?
  6. Would those Acer monitors Newegg sells for cheap work?
  7. I just logged onto YouTube.... the desktop interface changed? Or is it just my computer?
  8. I have a Corsair 450D, and I was worried about my optical drive making my case look ugly. After some Googling, I found stealth drives. There aren't really any good tutorials, can anyone give tips on making one? Thanks in advance.
  9. Maybe get 8GB of RAM instead and then get an R9 280 or 280X?
  10. It's fun to try to make the fragments at the bottom float to the top....
  11. Just installed drivers for my motherboard, but I found that audio only works on the front panel ports. The ports that are actually on the motherboard detect headphones and speakers when I plug them in, but no audio. I tried reinstalling the driver for HD audio several times, but got nothing. It works in Linux, but not on Windows. ???
  12. Finally installed Windows on my PC, and I've been looking for some games to start out with. The only games I've really played are like Minecraft, Portal, and TF2. What do you recommend?
  13. I've seen it be mentioned a lot, but I don't understand what it's supposed to mean.
  14. I think that the 690 needs at least a 650w PSU. Worth the few extra bucks to get 750w or higher, I recommend it. Newegg /\
  15. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Kzm3XL Go with this CPU.
  16. How many megabits/megabytes are typically in one second/minute/hour of 1080p video? I know it can be different based on file type.... I'm dealing with MP4, @ 24 frames. Thanks!
  17. Apple wants to kill free music streaming(Spotify) ahead of Beats relaunchApple wants to kill everything.
  18. <$200, go AMD; >$200, go Intel. BTW, the i7 is way more powerful and expensive than the 8350. Practically apples to oranges.
  19. Unless you're doing insane stuff on the PC for gaming, the 970 should run @ 60FPS 1080p on ultra. That should be enough. What are you going to use it for?