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  1. It seems I have found my answer: Why more people arent using stuff like this is beyond me.
  2. On one hand so would that be good, as the price pool will most likely go up, but at the same time so would the chance of winning go down, as there are some very skilled people out there. On that note, so would you probally need more then just nice bends on the tubes to win, if the last winners are anything to go by. If that is the plan, that is. Also, is the competition open to everyone who is going to Dreamhack? Would be nice to know, since I'm going my self.
  3. My guess its because they dont think the 240 has enough headroom to cool an GPU as well.
  4. Its a Norway only store, so given you the link wont help. It seems Aqua Computer has an option as well: http://shop.aquacomputer.de/product_info.php?products_id=3232 So guess I will have to check which one works best. But it seems Aqua Computer has the leg up, as you can get 100cm led strips.
  5. It seems I'm lucky, as a store near me has it. The only question is how many of the LED strips can be chained together? I have a big case and each unit needs 1 usb header (of the internal version?).
  6. So I can get away with just this: http://www.corsair.com/en/corsair-link-lightning-node ?
  7. I dont have the skills needed to make it, which is why I ask for a product that can do it.
  8. http://www.corsair.com/en/corsair-link/corsair-link-hardware Given that I dont have a Corsair PSU, what would I need?
  9. http://www.roboteched.net/2011/10/arduino-based-computer-temp-sensing.html I came across that info and wondered if there where any product out there that let you do it? After all, having a custom water cooled build where you could tell the temprature just by looking at the light, would be nice. I know there are displays for that, but it wont look as good.
  10. Good point, but I didnt know that they had a championship for PC building/modding. Which is why I though it was gaming related.
  11. Then you should have said so. Championship on Dreamhack usually means gaming.
  12. So if you had the skills, so could you hack your monitor to support Freesync?
  13. If Intel made there own, so would it probally be called Intel Sync or something like that. So its not as confusing: "Why should I buy an AMD product when I got an Intel product?" and so on. It might be no extra cost to get the software, but it still requires people to make it/intergate it, which costs money.
  14. So its easier to tell which one to get. Plus then they dont have to make the AMD software work with there software.
  15. Why not both? Aldo I have a hard time thinking of something that would max out 2 Intel 750 in Raid 0.