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  1. What happened to your build?

  2. Update: The GPU blocks If any of you wonder where the real modding is, I am just gathering all products and mounting right now, to see that everything fits as I want it! I will demount it afterwards and get my dremmel! So lets open this box What is better than a Watercool GPU block? Three Watercool blocks! Seems like our dog want to take part of the fun... So Danbo is taking some first looks of the block, he approves! Lucas approves as well, some CNC marks left, but alright for a mirror! The three standing beside each other, what do you think? First thing, tried t
  3. That is the moneyshot right there, remember this name, this guy is gonna go far
  4. Probably! I will make sure to put a couple of tempsensors around, for science! So I just got home from school and found this outside of my room.... Weighs a lot too! Looks like the next update will be sooner than thought...
  5. It really is! Mainly because of the second part, Quality and Features, Also I will run at very low RPM @ 700 or so. What I also take into concideration is that I have 16 BeQuiet Silent Wings 2, which max out at 1000/1500RPM. Add that to a Aqua Computer AMS 480, + 560 Monsta radiator, I will have plenty of cooling Also, the difference between radiators in that segment is not that big. If we look at this chart we can see that.
  6. Update: The radiator Here comes a more frequent update as promissed! This time I will show you a radiator that I just had to try, the Aplhacool Airplex. A total of 6 ports gives me many possibilities! I like how flat it is aswell. The fin-method is also different on this one, most radiator uses soldered fins. This one don't which makes it a lot easier to clean. Great thing about this one is that you can take everything apart. Paint, make custom plates, inlets/outlets and so on. Naked, not sure if I am allowed to post naked pictures here This radiator also consisits of a co
  7. Yea, I don't usually change for sponsors, but when I was younger, my favourite colors were Orange and Green, so I choose between the two. Then the project was stopped, when Nvidia came and asked me if I would like to do something with them (not specificly this project) I told them about this project. Because as mentioned before, I like both of the colors, so the change was not so much of a biggy for me.
  8. As you said, age doesn't matter, experience does (which altoughoften goes hand in hand with age) Thanks man! I have been using CAD for some years now, although I am still just scraping on the top of what is possible with CAD haha. Those things are really basic. I will try not to stress it too much, but as Odd said, it is really hard when the deadline is a competition that will happen in 2 months... Ofc I will continue after the competition to fix final things if there are any (I hope not ) Yea, hate deadlines, but they make me work harder as well. Thanks Rumi! I guess I cou
  9. I did the same as you, started off with a 1000W PSU, it would have run it all, but for some overclocking I wanted a 1200+, altough 2000W will not be needed if you are not planning on doing extended overclocking. I got the EVGA 1600W now instead!
  10. Not yet, Nvidia has delayed it alot, but I am trying to get it out soon! I will have another update tomorrow How old are you if I may ask Here is a sneakpeak for tomorrow!
  11. Those 64 was just becuase they had to put a number there, altough it is not set in stone c: So I can assure you that you will be granted to get into the open class atleast! This is the first time also, so I am pretty sure there wont show up 40+ people for the open.
  12. Everyone will make it to the Open class , however it would be great to get a free BYOC-ticket Although I know that it will be hard, 12 will be chosen and there are a lot of great modders in the Scandinavia
  13. Holy moly, those reservoirs are freaking amazing! I am not sure what I think about the crystal-part, it depends how to apply it haha. How ever I am looking forward to compete against you! (If we assume both make it to the championship )
  14. Update 19/09 I will try to update more often! I have had some problems getting time now since school begun and the video-series with Nvidia must be recorded! However, I have some updates ready for you now, here comes one with some stuff I received earlier this week! I realized I needed some sort of fancontroller, and also some pumps... I don't know how I forget that until now, so I was rushing an order Starting with the Aquaero 6, soooo nice fancontroller, right now I just need to figure out where to mount it... Any ideas? A nice little heatsink Sadly there came no pads with it, so I
  15. As mentioned I am recording a series for Nvidia around this project, which has taken a lot of time. The buildlogs were to be started as the series rolled out, but delays from Nvidia has made me start the logs anyway. So I have been doing stuff, but most is updated. Although most stuff does not take time when it is actually done. But as you seem to want some progress, here comes an update for you