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  1. Hi, Now when everything is painted with some scratch resistance finish its ready to put it in place. Some handy doors to get behind and inside the desk. OPEN and big holes for the tubing and cables CLOSED Here can you see how the cable management will work. The desk: Mid. part: How the mid part looks with the tubing in it: Nothing much to say.. Next time I will post some pictures of how it looks right now! Be sure to check back!
  2. I don't think this will be a production at all. There aren't enough people that will support these I guess and I don't have the money for it
  3. Nice! I like the backplate of the gpu! And did you paint the dominators light bars?
  4. This looks superclean! Damn. Good choice with the little green, it's very eye catching! Nice work
  5. Nice setup! How is the experience of the triple screen setup? I was thinking a lot for a triple setup but I think I'll just go with a 29" screen and a little second screen.
  6. To much is always to much.. You can have some beautiful LED's that fit the system or just some flashing christmas lights. It's your own opinion make them always fit the colour scheme, and hang them somewhere nice not just randomly sticking them on the side. Think of where you can place them. In my opinion every modded pc needs a light
  7. I'll wait But is it possible to choose different colours, full red one and normal red and black ones?
  8. our C-Series is only compatible with the AX860/760 - Corsair is using a different OEM for the AX1200 which is why our C-Series is not compatible with it.
  9. I'm back with another update! I'm so happy to see how many people are interested and following! Thank you guys! I made another thread about sleeved cables.. I still need some shop/modder that makes fully costum sleeved cables. Link. I bought some normal watertubing from the shop, because these need to go behind the desk and between the other cables of the room. So you wont see if they damp or not. I got some more expensive tubing for the components ofcourse. Okay, so because I have more fans then the NZXT control panel can handle, I needed to extend the cables. So we cut the plugs of and hot wired longer cables to them, I asked some help for this part because damn it was more work then expected. Thank you guys for helping me out! After that we tested the fans.. And everything worked out! Good feeling I bought some fittings. I like the way highflow send their packages, you'll always get a lollipop! The rads are in place and the tubing are in place. Preview of how the fans look
  10. Hello! I'm still in the search of costum sleeved cables. My PSU: Corsair Pro Series Gold AX1200 I have heard CableMod are good ones but there is no series they sell that is compatible with my psu. I'm here to find something like that or someone that does that with a regular price and good shipping costs. What cables do I want? Red/Black, some of them full red. I don't want to see any heat shrink on it. They need to be pretty long. What I also like is that some of them have longer cables on the outside and shorter in the inside so they bend so beautiful. Why do I need them? I'm busy with a desk build, and this one need cables! Need any more information? Please ask! Be sure to check it out! Follow The X Desk!
  11. I've ordered 14 Air Series SP140 Corsair's fans mounted them on the rads. I know they have some especially made fans for rads, but I wanted to go with looks and I think 4 rads with pushed air will cool enough for me. Info fans: http://www.corsair.com/en/air-series-sp140-led-red-high-static-pressure-140mm-fan-twin-pack I just hate to just throw these boxes away they look awesome! I'm an stockpiller of boxes.. Unboxed them and they are ready to be mounted! All mounted and ready for their first run. Aren't they beautiful? Can't wait to see these where they belong! The X Room: Now a little concept of the room. Some stairs that will lead to a sort of stage where my bed will be and some plants. I think I would need that watering system that linus talked about in the CES because i'm bad with plants but I really like them in a room like this. The X Desk: Let me start from the beginning of how it was. Little improvements Now I wanted to have a sort of control pannel and still sort of case looking middle piece. So I thought about this: Let's cut some wood up! Why are the hole's for you ask? Well the big one is for the nzxt fan controller, the smaller one is for the pump controller that I miss bought so its just a thing now.. On top of this will be the "floating" res located Let's paint it in some nice black. Control panel: Every part of the desk is individually so it's easy to take apart if there's a broken component in there (hopefully not but better save then sorry) Middle part: Now as the middle part of the desk, like I told you guys before I wanted it to have a sort of case looking middle part Tell me if it kinda looks like that? In the big hole the SSD's will be visible, smaller hole is just for the DVD and some usb/microsd slots. Dem tubing tho.. NEXT UPDATE! Thank you for reading. Next update will be tomorrow! | | V I also liked to share with you guys, since who doesn't like guns? Right? I bought an airsoft gun just for the little decorations of my gaming room and yeah I like red a lot! Before the costum paintjob Costum Paintjob
  12. Yeah no I wish I could throw money at it.. I'm actually buying it piece by piece And I want to share And thanks for the sub! Thanks!
  13. UPDATES ARE COMING IN MARCH! Hi! Nice that you check out my buildlog! This was my first post on this forum. I'm watching LinusTechTips for some years now I know him unboxing on a bench, that's when I got my NZXT Phantom. But i'm not here to talk about that I'm here to show you how I made my entire setup and cave. So I had the idea to build an entire desk with a build in pc I was saving up money for some years now to make this possible and with the great help of Corsair and EKWB. The main idea was to make a big desk with spaces for 2 people to sit down and game, also with 2 main pc's in it. As you can see it only have one motherboard in it. I couldn't effort it, so it's more lan based now. Also a lot of work (Almost 3years) has put into this project I hope you guys enjoy reading and watch this dirty attic becoming a modern gaming cave Social media! Twitter: twitter.com/xyouneed | @xyouneed Facebook: facebook.com/xyouneed InstaGram: instagram.com/xyouneed Imgur Albums! RECENT INPROGRESS OUTDATED Contact! xyouneed@gmail.com Private message is also on option on LTT This is my first build. Hopefully you are interested in my build! Tips & Ideas are very welcome! Please note i'm from Belgium, I'm doing my best to give you a readable english text. If you see some grammar faults or just unreadable text please let me know!