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    Mini S Frame

    That's awesome! Hand bending a case never saw that before, thank you for sharing It's very sexy nicely done!
  2. Very nice job! I love it in every way, I like the chrome tubing good choice! I see you do a lot of great builds. I hope I can do the same later on! Keep it up
  3. It's great to see that deskbuilds and other projects are appreciated on this forum, on the others mine didn't even get a comment. But I think to make this fair they should separate big builds with smaller ones. Thanks
  4. VOTES ENDING THIS WEEK! If you think I've earned one you can vote here: http://linustechtips.com/main/forum/3-build-logs/ Thanks alot for the support! UPDATES ARE COMING IN MARCH! -Cleaning the system -Cleaning the blocks -Changing the liquid -New Tubing -Cable sleeving -New GPU GTX 980TI -New monitor ROG SWIFT PG279Q -New filling video AND a room tour! Yes I know I've been saying this alot but it's almost time. So you guys know this thread isn't going to die
  5. I don't know when it'll end but I need your vote! http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/496604-featured-build-logs-004-voting-thread It could end soon enough :) Thank you for all the support!

  6. It's all working fine I know there are some peeps having trouble with pastels. But the color is changing though but I'll replace the liquid again in March since its been a year. So be sure to check back around March for more updates. Thanks & yeah I got heating And it's an attic so most of the warmth goes up. Haha! First I need to find myself a woman. I like the pastels, the only thing I have trouble with is the color but it was affected by the sun first so I can't blame the pastel. Everything is still clean and no chunks building up. REMINDER! The votings are still open for being featured in the Wan Show! If you think I've earned a vote please do so http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/496604-featured-build-logs-004-voting-thread/ Thanks!
  7. Yeah, was thinking about something like that. But it would cost me alot First upgrading to a new screen and a gtx980ti.
  8. Okay thanks! I'll look for a soundcard and an amp Yeah I have the Roccat Kave 5.1 and this one is real 5.1 I just love this headset to death, and from the demo I don't get any bass from the Razer one Only from the dolby and realtek. I still want to know the name of the device I mentioned in my first quote Thanks alot!
  9. Looks good I've also saw a device (forgot the name and never found it again) You could plug in 2 5.1 speakers and you could switch between them and you could plug into you soundcard or motherboard it wasnt USB. Just something like the roccat kave XTD has (picture) I'm considering buying the headset since it has some cool features like that. And yes sometimes I stream video's and movies to my tv its connected with a hdmi to my computer. So it has to work via my digital tv box and my computer. so then I need to connect my computer to my amplifier for my tv? (Still need to buy an amplifier)
  10. Hi, So right now I have a 5.1 speaker setup for the PC so with 3 audio jacks I also have a real 5.1 headset since I only have one 5.1 option on my mobo I need to switch them all the time. Now I have some speakers left for my television which is now connected to my 5.1 speaker setup of my pc but these are in the direction of the place where I am sitting behind my pc. I have a bass and 2 rear speakers which are not connected because those aren't jacks.. I hope you can understand while reading this.. NOW I want to control all speakers so the surround setup for my television, speakers for my pc and my headset and I still need space for other speakers that I can control the garden speakers. I was thinking about a wifi setup for the garden speakers so we can control them with a phone? I really don't know what there's on the market I googled so much there are so many option to do this.. What do you guys suggest and experienced. I don't need the best quality ofc not the most expensive stuff. If you think you can help please leave a comment Thanks! If you need more information please ask.
  11. Hiya awesome followers I'm asking for a little favor if you really liked this project/build can you please leave a vote on this thread? http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/496604-featured-build-logs-004-voting-thread/ Thank you! <3
  12. Hi, I have this problem for a few weeks now. Sometimes I get a boot without any problems the system acts normal I can game, 3D work etc.. in long sessions but when I turn off the system and start the system the next day again I can see the ROG logo and the windows logo but when the windows logo goes away (normally it should show the login screen) I get gaint pixels in gray scales flickering all over my screens. (As shown in the picture) They eventually stop flickering and after a few minutes my screens turn black. When I restart the system, everything is back to normal.. MOBO: Asus RoG Rampage IV Extreme CPU: Intel® Core i7-3930K GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB SSD: Corsair GTX Neutron 3x 120GB HD: 1TB Westen Digital PSU: Corsair AX1200 OS: Windows 10 Pro
  13. They sure are! Had so many potato photo's Thanks! I wish you the best of luck same for you @ClownFace1511
  14. For more pictures check the link below! IMGUR LINK: imgur.com/a/BOV9Q Album with older photo's: imgur.com/a/yCQPi#0
  15. Yeah stopping is a big word Thanks I really appreciate that! I don't know if sponsors are really into such a buildlog All I can say right now is you'll see more of me and more of this desk! I need new screens, new hardware, redo the tubing someday, making the system ready for a 2 system one like Linus did but first I kinda need sponsors I geuss to make this all true this project really had the best of me and my money hehe
  16. Forum ID: XYUNEED Build Title: Project The X Desk | The X Room Thread URL: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/290912-the-x-desk-buildlog/ Description: This project started in 2012 from an old attic to a modern gaming cave. The whole desk is made out of wood with the tought of a watercooled system. You have 2 reservoirs in the middle and the main system. 2 rads on the outside legs and 2 in the inside legs, tubing and cables can be reached via doors inside the legspace. The desk is made for 2 fully grown gamers great for a mini lan party. The desk has a red and black theme the room itself has a black and white theme fully covered by RGB LEDS so the whole room can change from color. I'm glad this project is "done" and I hope you guys are enjoying it I sure do!
  17. The lighting is great with the white backplate behind the keys, the "plastic" is durable and feels lovel also easy to dust and clean. I just need to get comfortable with the fast response time, I come from a g19 with normal keys and switching to a mechanical is a big difference. And I have the quiet edition luckily The only negative that I can say is the music controls are function keys like a laptop and not like the k70 had.
  18. Some Final Pictures I'll add the Imgur link later on, here are some previews.
  19. So.. Jup finally! I have received my package from Corsair Taking pictures today and tomorrow so stay tuned for the final pics on LTT en hopefully everywhere Thank you guys for the support and the nice comments.