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  1. That seems more like the difference between flat sound and hyped sound...
  2. Louder is pretty self explanatory. Bass response on the other hand is how low the cans can reproduce bass frequencies.
  3. My experience is that closed back cans just have overall better bass. To my ears, extension goes deeper as well as a fuller response. EDM (especially really heavy shit) sounds full and rich on closed back cans. On open back cans, it sounds thin and airy. Just my ears and my opinion of course.
  4. You say you're an EDM listener? I'd go for closed back if I were you. Better bass response is great for that genre.
  5. Flipping my side fan around from intake to exhaust really made a difference. You could also download EVGA Precision X and create a more aggressive custom fan curve for the cards as temporary fix.
  6. If your case has a side fan, flip it around so that it is exhausting air. Helped drop my top card's temp by 5-10 degrees.
  7. Look at the benchmarks. That's as definitive proof as anything. Intel is just faster than AMD on a clock per clock basis.
  8. Lololol. Wu is a fucking nutjob. She/he/it is a career professional victim. Stop even mentioning her/him/it and her/him/it will fade into a much deserved and needed obscurity. :rolleyes:
  9. I don't think its a ground loop because whenever I unplug my DAC from my PC all noise ceases. If I plug my Note 3 or my iPod 5th into the DAC there is no noise either. I dunno. I bought ferrite chokes for my USB cable in hopes to eliminate the interference. Maybe I should pick up a USB ground loop isolator as well. *shrugs* One post was deleted by the mods I presume... 1. Nope, rear USB. 2. I ordered snap on ferrite chokes for the cable and will see if they help when they arrive. 3. I have zero experience with circuits and soldering... so yeah, I'd just rather buy something.
  10. Ah... I see. I've never used a pro or enterprise version of Windows so I have never toyed around with this feature though I have heard of it before.