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    computers,hardware,tech,cars,rc stuff,and hockey.


  • CPU
    athlon 750k @4.7ghz
  • Motherboard
    asrock a55 fm2+
  • RAM
    1 8gb hyperx 1866mhz
  • GPU
    SAPHIRE r9 270x
  • Case
    antec vsk3000
  • Storage
    1tb wd blue
  • PSU
    thermal take 700 watt
  • Display(s)
    1x aoc 24 inch 1080p ips
  • Cooling
    corsair h80
  • Keyboard
    coolermaster cm storm (red led)
  • Mouse
    cm storm (red led)
  • Sound
    steelseries siberia v2 for gaming, sennhieser hd280s for music
  • Operating System
    windows 7 hp x64

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  1. I need to build an xp machine I love playing knights of the old republic quake Doom pretty much anything pre 2005 but I also play league of legends and more recent stuff too
  2. I appreciate it it's a build for my lil bro to play fortnite and stuff and for me to play retro games on I think I'll go with the fx given it's cheaper on the used market
  3. I 2nd the idea for threadripper or possibly a cost savings mesure and go ryzen 7?
  4. I think I understand what's up I would go with ryzen personally but I'm a amd fan boy
  5. For what your doing seems like a great built to be honest I'm a huge amd fan boy but to be honest if your gaming a bit more than working I might look into Nvidia
  6. I have a new in box msi 990fx motherboard as well as a 890fx mobo and I'm trying to build a super cheap gaming rig I have 16gb ddr3 laying around as well as a r9 280x and a spare 1 tb HDD. Tldr; should I get a phenom ii x6 or a fx8350 or any other ideas. I got 90% of a old amd gaming PC just need a cpu . PS. It will mostly be playing fortnite and starwars knights of the old republic with some newer call of duty games @ 1080p. I'm hoping not to bottle neck the 280 x and hoping to be in the medium to high settings.
  7. For the love of god man get the ryzen 5 1500x overclokable use stock case fans save a $ and swap the gpu to a rx 560 (if new) but check out local used sales adds and find a gtx 780 970 1070 or r9 285 380 470 480
  8. I was wondering if a fx 8150 is better than a 1090t phenom ii x 6. Sorry I'm sure this has been asked but my motherboard only supports up to a fx 8150 will not support fx x3xx series CPUs or I'd go 8350 and for centamental reasons I'm not upgrading to an Intel plat form or waiting for am4 platform Tldr: phenom ii x6 vs 8150 for modern gaming also GPU I'm using is a Radeon r9 285/ 380
  9. My chances of winning are slimmer than the blade stealth be that as it may I would love the blade because I want to game on the go! Also I wish everyone else good luck.
  10. im keeping the card for a while since i just game at 1080p i plan on upgrading cpu and i dont like nvida.
  11. yes but the only cpu intensive game i play is dying light and i have 3 hrs in that im more interested in indie games casual shooters and tomb raider 2013 which i could max out on my old 750k
  12. new build i am going 860k corsair h80I (already got 1) r9 380 8gb of ram and lots of overclocking
  13. I love the way you think do you know how the 860k oc's? ill just do that and grab a 290/380/280x what ever i can get for the best price.