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    Corsair Glaive RGB
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    JDS Labs O2
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    Window 10 Pro 64 bit

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  1. Which would you buy for a 27 inch IPS under $200?

    I like Asus MX279H. good quality IPS, and luxury build quality.
  2. best gaming monitor?

    I currently using it and it's amazing. but I recommend 27" ver. rather than 32" ver. I don't like 32" because it's too large. 27" is a sweet spot, plus it has more pixel density, and also cheaper, only 479. Is it better than PG278QR or PG279Q? No. but at least it's cheaper.
  3. best gaming monitor?

    Both are the same except, PG278QR is TN, while PG279Q is IPS. so, PG278QR has better response time, while PG279Q has better color and viewing angle. I would go for PG279Q.
  4. best gaming monitor?

    Asus PG279Q is pretty good for that price range.
  5. Sould I get 1080 144hz or 1440 60hz monitors

    If you mainly gaming then get 144hz no doubt, if mainly working then 1440p.
  6. Help dicide what Gaming Display to buy

    It's gonna be a bit blurry. 1080p game/video on 1080p monitor looks better than 1080p video on 1440p monitor because of up-scaling. If you think your computer is not ready for 1440p then you should stick to 1080p monitor or give your PC some upgrade.
  7. 27-inch for Full HD ?

    27" for 1080p is totally fine, I used it for years and don't have any problem with it. AS LONG AS you keep your distance from your monitor at least 70 cm or more, if you like to sit closer than that you will feel like the texts are pixelated. btw 1440p for 27" is much better ofcoz. AOC PDS271 is very overpriced (by the word porsche..) with that price you can get something like Acer G257HU which is 1440P IPS, more convenience for large photo editing. Or if you really wanna stick to the luxury design, then get either Asus MX279H if you want 1080p or Asus VZ27VQ for 1440p. both of them are better than AOC PDS271.
  8. BenQ XL2411 or Asus VG248QE?

    Asus has a better color as you see here: but it's also more expensive. But some CS:GO player went for BenQ instead of Asus because of lower contrast ratio (washed-out color make you see easier in the dark scene, give you a bit of advantage). If you don't really care then get Asus. btw, even tho these models are outdated, they're still pretty worth it because they're cheap (anywhere else outside US). If you really want a newer model then get Asus MG248QR, which is better but more expensive ofcoz.
  9. Monitor vs Monitor *Choose One*

    I would go for Acer. AOC G2460 has a pretty shit color.
  10. Looking for a Gaming Monitor

    -Dell S2716DG is obviously better for gaming. 1440p 144hz TN 1ms G-sync , that's great. but it also comes with higher cost. -Unless you're really serious with competitive gaming, you don't need G-sync. V-sync should be enough to solve screen tearing issue, even tho it adds few input lag. -It's 27" 1440p, so it's gonna look weird when you place it next to your 24" 1080p U2414H. -And.., it's also TN. which means bad viewing angle and bad color (S2716DG is better than average TN, but still bad compared to IPS) -On the other hand, Samsung C24FG73 is 23.5" 1080p 144hz VA Quantum Dot 1ms++ Free-sync and also cheaper. -VA Quantum Dots color is very good, strong red and green color. Viewing Angle is not good as IPS, but still better than TN. -Slow response time because it's VA panel (but you can set MPRT to "fastest mode" to improve response time a bit, also the color will become worse) -It's 23.5" 1080p, you can comfortably place it next to your U2414H. -Since it's 1080p, so it's a less burden to your GPU. you can get higher FPS. -AOC C24G1 is not even on my recommend list, Samsung C24FG73 can easily outclassed it. I would go for C24FG73
  11. Hdmi vs DVI

    DP > HDMI > DVI > VGA. it's already 2018 and you should aim for HDMI as minimum.
  12. 75Hz 1440p vs. 144Hz 1080p

    144hz is better for gaming especially for fps game. csgo doesn't high resolution, csgo needs 144hz.
  13. 144hz monitor for my build

    they look the same to me.
  14. 144hz monitor for my build

    Your computer should be able to play all e-sport game at 144 fps just fine, except PUBG you need to put low setting if you want 144 fps. If you're really low on budget, then get either Asus VG248QE or BenQ XL2411. both are good budget 144hz monitor.
  15. VA/IPS Panel?

    S24F350 vs C24F390FHE well... they're cheap IPS vs cheap VA. so they won't be much different. It's more like do you want flat or curved. I personally like curved, but I think flat is better for 24" size. so, I would get S24F350.