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  1. Any tips on fixing two bent pins on my ryzen 3800x.
  2. When i turn on the power supply, the rgb on the motherboard turns on. But when i press the powerbutton, nothing happens. The fans arent spinning and the ram does not light up.
  3. I need help with connecting the front panel connectors to the motherboard. The instructions dont match my connectors. The only thing i really need is help with my power SW(2 pin) connector. This picture is not very helpfull.
  4. Hi, im looking for a budget air cooler for my ryzen 3800x. I'm a little tight on money here in december, so im planning to buy a better one after a month or two and then use the budget one for another build. I just wanted to ask if the hyper 212 can cool a 3800x.
  5. I'm looking for a budget AIO for a ryzen 3800x. I'm using the o11 dynamic for my case.
  6. I was going to buy some trident z 3600mhz cl16 16gb. But then i came across a sale on some corsair dominator 2666mhz cl15 32gb ram sticks, for not alot more money. So i'm just asking im the 2-3 nanosecond latency makes alot of a diffence. Im going to use a ryzen 3700x and 32 gb ram is always nice to have.
  7. Could you cool the Lian LI o11 dynamic with just 3 fans on the side, or any other placement with 3 fans for that matter?
  8. I'm building a system using the asus b450-i, which has space for 2 m.2 nvme x4 drives. I wanna get a 1tb for games, and 250-500gb for Windows. I came across the kingston a2000, which looks like a great deal. So... whats the catch? why are they the same price as other sata m.2 drives. And are they any good?
  9. Which is most important? Memory timing or frequency? Im gonne use a ryzen 3700x cpu. And at the moment i am considering these 2 sticks (2*16gb) 3200MHZ & CL16 3600MHZ & CL18
  10. If i buy a case with usb type-c. But my motherboard doesn't have usb type-c. Is there an easy way to possibly put an usb 3.1 to usb 3.1 type-c adapter in there.
  11. I'm looking for a case with similar aesthetic as NZXT h500(white) but with better airflow. I'm gonna use: RTX 2070 super Ryzen 3700x
  12. I'm looking for a good Mini-ITX motherboard with usb type-C Gonna use ryzen 3700x
  13. Ok thanks, i was thinking seperate, just for because for me it would be easier to manage.