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  1. Hello guys! I have a quick question. Is the newest Mac Mini M1 equipped with 8 GBs of RAM capable of video editing? I mean is it enough? I don't want to pay extra for another 8 gigs. I just want to switch from PC entirely to macOS.
  2. Oh.. You're 100% right! So if an HDMI from XSX to HDMI delivers Audio/Video signal then optical from TV to AMP and then to headphones.. This should work! Thank you for your help!
  3. Besides Turtle Beach Audio controller I can get everything you've listed here. But how am I gonna connect this to console when XSX does not have optical out?
  4. Hello! Can you recommend me a good pair of headphones for Xbox Series X as an entry level? The only thing I need is to hear footsteps better. I live in Poland so I'm not going to tell you the bugdet but I can buy Turtle Beach, Steelseries etc here in my country. Also I have DT 880 and 1990 Pro but they are quite silent..
  5. Yes I know but I was curious if HDMI 2.0 can output 4K60. But I know everything. Thanks!
  6. I've found one of LG's TV. 49"Nano equipped with True Montion 200Hz display. Real refresh rate is 100 Hz. One last question. So it is possible to display 4K60 at HDMI 2.0? I can always connect my 144 Hz monitor so it should also work. Anyway thank you for help!
  7. Hello! I have just a quick question. I'm looking for a TV for Xbox Series X. Question is: Can HDMI 2.0 output 4K60 and 120 frames at lower resolutions? 1080p120 for example? Or I HAVE to buy HDMI 2.1 TV to achieve that? I need 4K60/30 would be fine and 120 frames at lower resolutions. I live in Poland so I'm going to buy the TV there. Just wanted to know that one thing about HDMI.
  8. For hackintosh. macOS does not support RTX thats why. I don't want to constantly change GPUs.
  9. Yeah.. That's the solution for sure. I was curious if it's going to damage my board somehow...
  10. Hello! I have a Aorus B450 Elite mobo and RTX 2070 Super. Also I have RX 5700 as backup. All I wanted to do is to connect those 2 GPU's to one motherboard and disable the one I don't need. I want to install hackintosh and all I want to do is to avoid GPU switching all the time. Is there a way to turn of the PCI-E I don't need in BIOS?
  11. Thank you so much! I have some seriious setup for my gramophone so I won't use built in speakers
  12. I mean I’m from Poland so the price may vary but about the speakers you meant B9 have 40 watt speakers? Someone has recommended me the C9 but I might consider B9. Does it have all the features supported by newest consoles?
  13. Hello guys. I’m currently looking for a TV for my Xbox Series X or maybe PS5. LG Oled C9 has all its features that supports the newest consoles like HDMI 2.1 or Gsync/ Freesync. Is there a different model at a price of C9? I’m looking for an alternative.
  14. I have it turned off.. My card can support up to 24/192 so that's why I have this setting on. I connect my headphones to external dongle provided with ZX sound card. Maybe clean windows install would do the work.