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  1. Sorry, are you talking about Tesoro?
  2. For mostly FPS, you definitely want the M45 over the M65. I feel like a broken record on this point, but it's really indisputable. The sensor is more precise, the aluminium only serves to make the mouse prettier/heavier and the sniper button will interfere with your muscle memory. Verne listed most of the mice you should be looking at (G400/Rival/Naos 7000/KPO), though give the CM Storm Alcor and Zowie AM/FK/EC mice a look as well.
  3. For competitive games like LoL/TF2? Rival has an edge.
  4. So it turns out my keyboard usage is even stranger than my mouse grip...
  5. It looks vaguely like a Cherry MY switch, but it's not quite the right shape. Check the back and see if you can find the make/model no. etc.
  6. So you get people judging you on the basis of your mouse's maximum DPI, rather than what you actually use? Again, you should be able to move across your entire monitor in less than an inch of mouse movement. What are your windows pointer speed and enhanced pointer precision settings at?
  7. I'm guessing your windows mouse settings are screwy, otherwise you'd be crossing your entire screen with 1/4 of an inch of mouse movement (assuming you have a 1080p monitor).
  8. Here. They're no gaming mice, but they're quiet. You'll need to get used to 1000DPI (wired) or 1600DPI (wireless) for it though.
  9. Is there an actual reason you're looking for an ergonomic mouse, or is it just a desire for comfort? If you're suffering from wrist pain and such you should be looking into stuff like this, rather than fancy-shaped gaming mice.
  10. The M45 is the optimal FPS/Dota mouse of the two on account of the sensor. If you want to ensure any future misses/misclicks are down to you and not your mouse, avoid the Sensei.
  11. ...and worst. "They are also more accurate...and are generally regarded by gamers to be more precise" is the opposite of reality. He repeats it later in the video and he also implies higher DPI equates to better accuracy/precision, which is also completely wrong. I wish he'd take that video down, because aside from the surfaces bit, it's false information and risks misleading people. Fact is, unless you want something that only exists on laser mice right now (lots of buttons, wirelessness, certain aesthetics etc.), there's no reason not to go with an optical gaming mouse.
  12. Honestly? Every other mouse ever made seems to do fine being made of just plastic, so I don't see the aluminium being a huge benefit. If anything I imagine it'd make the mouse heavier (which again, tends to be a negative). You won't find many unique features below $60 in a mouse with a perfect sensor. The Roccat Kone Pure Optical comes with full-blown RGB lighting and their easy-shift thing, but that might require a special offer to fit into your budget.
  13. Two points about the M45/M65 decision. 1. Not noticing the acceleration and not being affected by the acceleration are two different things. With the reaction speeds and time-frames we tend to be concerned with in the kinds of games where acceleration matters, it's not hard to believe that you might not notice your cursor going 1.05 pixels for every 1" of mouse movement when you're crossing hundreds of pixels in hundredths of a second. 2. Sniper buttons are no big loss unless you're desperate for a third side-button. Their default function is probably detrimental if anything, considering your aim is based on muscle memory and your muscle memory adapts to specific sensitivities, changing that sensitivity fucks with your muscle memory and thus your aim (this is why you tend to play worse when you initially turn your sensitivity up/down, but then get "used to it" over time). The aesthetics and aluminium certainly make the M65 the prettier of the two, but that's about it. Go with the M65 if you prioritize looks or a third mouse button, otherwise there's not much reason not to get the M45 instead.
  14. M45 is brand new, so it should be showing up at vendors any day now.
  15. Yep, but as usual it's just a concept. The reality would either be worse, impossible, or it'd cost $1000+.
  16. Toby

    FAKE headset

    Yeah I know what it should be, I'm asking whether it's a Na'Vi or Steelseries logo on the headband of the one you have.
  17. Toby

    FAKE headset

    Maybe a stupid question, but is it a Na'Vi logo that's on the headband, or a Steelseries one?
  18. Rival or Deathadder are both better than the Sensei. Go with whichever you prefer the look of.
  19. Yes, the sensors are different. The Spawn uses an A3090 where the Xornet has an A3050. The Xornet is fine, but the Spawn is better. If your utmost priority is precision for FPS/competitive games and such, go with the Spawn.
  20. A bit of an odd suggestion, but maybe try finding the cheapest possible glossy mouse (less than $5/£5) just to see if you like the feel. Not only might you prevent yourself from buying the wrong thing, but you end up with a crappy backup mouse for emergencies/bug testing.
  21. The G400/G400s doesn't go that high, which is the mouse he was talking about. Any Logitech mouse capable of 5000dpi would have a laser sensor and thus the same acceleration problems (not that you should probably be using 5000dpi in the first place).
  22. It's not a "problem" per se, it's just an inferiority. Chances are you'll never even "feel" the tracking flaws, it just might make you miss a shot here and there. Out of curiosity, why is the M40/M45 not under consideration? It's basically an M65 with the flaws removed (but isn't as pretty to look at).
  23. I figure I'll mention, there's been whispers, rumours and mentions by CM Storm of a Xornet/Spawn v2, which will probably have a perfect sensor and might look like this. I have no idea how long it'll take to become reality, though.
  24. People, you're naming mice that are practically as big as the Deathadder. The problem with us fingertip grippers is there isn't much made for us. Fingertip mice with perfect sensors don't have side-buttons and those with side-buttons don't have perfect sensors. If you're not particularly concerned with precision, the Orochi/CM Xornet should be fine. The CM Spawn combos perfect sensor+side buttons, but wholly disregards your colour-scheme requirements.
  25. Infrared is another name for optical, to try and make optical sound more appealing to the "gamerz". Optical is more accurate (more specifically, A3090 and PMW3310 sensors are more accurate, which you'll find in most big-name gaming mice), but optical mice might be fussy about mouse pads with elaborate designs. I'm not really up to date with how much current optical sensors care about that, but decent mousepads tend to be relatively plain anyway. Generally there's no reason not to get an optical mouse, unless you're looking for a feature that no optical mouse currently provides. Lasers are still adequate, but just because you aren't consciously aware of the flaws, doesn't mean they aren't interfering with landing shots now and then. You looked up some pretty old info there.