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  1. Buckling springs are nice to type on, plus it's durable as hell.
  2. So wait, Windows 8 seems like a downgrade to you because it BSOD'd for your granny and you buggered it one time a few months ago?
  3. They're essentially the same as gaming platforms. The question is whether you adapt to change well.
  4. Fingertip grip with a Razer Krait 2013 (a shrunken Taipan with the Deathadder 2013's sensor and orange lighting). Also of note, I hold the mouse with my index on left click, middle finger on the mouse wheel and ring finger on right click, which is supposedly a bit unusual. Ideal for fingertip grip, so that your own hand/palm doesn't become an obstruction when you're moving the mouse around.
  5. Toby

    Good Usb Mic

    The Snowball should be fine for some basic mumble/skype/vent, but the Yeti and Samson are good options too, especially if you plan to commentate videos/podcasts or what have you.
  6. Try the American Beauty Score (not soundtrack) for something similar. It wouldn't surprise me if this was by Thomas Newman.
  7. I think you're turning wapanese I think you're turning wapanese I really think so.
  8. It's supposed to be very comfy, but again, headsets have limited sound quality.
  9. Toby

    Ideal dpi

    If you're comfortable where you're at, don't go higher. There seems to be this weird notion that you should try and use as high a DPI as possible...I tried doing the same thing a few years ago and I have no idea why. It makes no sense. It's probably the people who force themselves to encur ungodly amounts of DPI that find they need "sniping buttons" just to shoot straight. If you can do multiple 360s with a pivot of the wrist, your DPI's probably too high. In fact, it's probably best to have it as low as possible without it being a hinderance. After that, it's all down to the sensor and muscle memory.
  10. The Recon actually has the best sensor going. It's a solid mouse, though a lot of people find they press the right side-buttons by accident. Kana and Lua? Not so much...
  11. They're good, and immensely overrated to the point of being detrimental to the market. They've done good things by popularizing closed-loop cooling and their cases are great, but I almost think the market would be better off without the rest.
  12. Toby

    Cm Store

    Look for "ninja" keycaps, if you want the kind that come with the Stealth.
  13. Honestly? Their G400 is probably better unless you need the weight/shape (I'd love a G9x if it had the G400's sensor though).
  14. I'd say the Deathadder is probably a better mouse for FPS (I'm not sure why Corsair put a laser sensor inside a mouse with a sniper button). For anything else they're probably pretty similar. I also doubt any other mouse will suit you as well as the one you're used to, unless there's something about it that's fundamentally incompatible with you.
  15. Everybody except people you live with...and possibly neighbours. ;) Also Newegg doesn't ship internationally., unfortunately.
  16. Toby

    Cm Store

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Shipping and Returns". Your best bet is probably either a Majestouch Ninja with cherry blues, or a regular Quickfire Rapid with greens and replacing the keycaps.
  17. For the keyboard, A Quickfire Rapid with white keycaps would work, though also keep these alternatives in mind for a white keyboard, along with the white KBT Race (I think there might be a white Filco you could get as well, but I imagine that'd be in pricier territory). As for the mouse, I'd go with a white Zowie AM, or white Zowie EC1 Evo/EC2 Evo, simply because they're more accurate than the white Corsair/Steelseries/Logitech alternatives.
  18. With your filters in mind... Logitech G400 Logitech G400s CM Storm Spawn (if you have that kind of grip) CM Storm Recon Zowie FK, Zowie AM Zowie EC1/EC2 Evo They're all wired. By omitting Razer, the only two wireless mouse I'd even consider have been eliminated, but even they're only considerable, not recommendable. Depending on the reason you'd like a wireless mouse, you can get a similar feel by making an improvised mouse bungee (but then, you could probably buy an actual mouse bungee for less than the price premium of a wireless mouse). Nope. All mouse sensors except for the Phillips Twin-Eye dual sensor and the A3090 optical sensor (in all it's forms) come with acceleration and not the kind you can turn off in software.
  19. Looks worse, but feels so much better. Function over form for a forum for sure.
  20. Bland. If not for the vocoder, it'd barely be recognizable as Daft Punk. Hoping the rest of the album is better than this. Edit: Just heard MGMT's new song "Alien Days" which apparently appeared a few days ago. By comparison, I like that a lot more.
  21. What a boring bunch of replies..."I don't fanboy over anyone, that's just silly don't you know?" CM Storm (not Cooler Master in general) - Most of all, they have good communication with their customers and the enthusiasts. They could quite easily have lumped for the same cheap OEM Razer uses and started releasing laser mice with astronomical DPI, but instead they start releasing mechanical keyboards with Filcos OEM and experimenting with others, because that's what people wanted. They gave people the option of having all 4 of the main switches when no other gaming company did (and still barely anyone does). They were first to market with green switches. They removed the excessive branding in response to people complaints. They released form factors people asked for (the CM Storm TK). They started implementing the best mouse sensors even though it meant they couldn't use huge DPI for suckering people in. All companies claim to "listen" and most probably do, but CM Storm are one of the very few who actually make decisions based on what they hear. Lian Li - Beautiful cases with insane layouts. When everyone is releasing the same old bullshit, it's nice to see a company trying new things. Silverstone used to qualify in this regard as well, but not so much anymore. Noiseblocker - A quirkier, quieter and less hideous Noctua (sans heatsinks). Edit: I knew I'd forget somebody.. Be Quiet - German engineering with a focus on silence and the bonus of beautiful aesthetics. What's not to love?
  22. If the G400 qualifies as entry-level, then it wins easily. Otherwise it'd be the Abyssus, due to having the best sensor.
  23. I'm going to guess you could probably opt for a cheaper motherboard.
  24. This information still holds true. The only exception is the Phillips Twin-Eye and Razer 4G sensors, which come with their own issues (and are arguably still optical sensors).I tried to make this in the Linus' videos forum, but regular users can't seem to create threads there.