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  1. GuppyTech

    Aqua Dreamer | By KaakaaN

    very sexy well done mate
  2. GuppyTech

    Is this possible?

    what i am saying is whatever you find for $15 will be rubish and you wont use it, so another way to put it is dont waste your money
  3. GuppyTech

    LTT LiveStream Non-Viewers (because we can't)

    i dont understand... you have just commented within the last 5 mins that the time slot is not good for you.... but it like starts in 5 mins!!... go watch it your obviously awake.....
  4. GuppyTech

    Is this possible?

    dont waste your time... buy a second hand pc off craigslist or goto a local swap meet... you will get better results...
  5. GuppyTech

    The 'Ordinary': System refresh log

    that heat sink is ridiculous! never seen it before, blew me away
  6. agreed... totally bogus imo
  7. GuppyTech

    [Build Log] Black&White Switch 810 - Case change?

    ridiculously hoT!!! i love the Z87 sabertooth!! mobo porn!!
  8. GuppyTech

    HAF-X z87 Sabertooth 780 SLI Build

    i loved the parts you picked... well done!... i will be gettin the Z87 sabertooth after my 2011 build..
  9. GuppyTech

    Got robbed today and cops did nothing....SHOCKER

    that sucks man, there are some real dodgy people out in the universe... what goes around comes around...
  10. GuppyTech

    Corsair 350d..i7 3960x and 2 690 watercooled

    what makes you guys think that a AX860i cant run two cards? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=670102146339032&set=a.223226247693293.70756.216775698338348&type=1&theater http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1411&products_id=23838 thats 2 x 780's in that 350D case!
  11. GuppyTech

    Corsair 350d..i7 3960x and 2 690 watercooled

    socket 2011 is still the best!
  12. GuppyTech

    Report: Xbox One will be region-locked

    that is not a major issue not many people take their xbox around the world with them
  13. GuppyTech

    Should we Post the Booth Babe Video?

    What do you guys think of TastyPC? Are you 100% interested in her intellectual input regarding pc and tech? Or what she is wearing? You dont see her in a star wars shirt, slacks and flip flops! Your not wrong for being sensitive, but IMO alot of you are being OVER sensitive. You cant change peoples views with a thread on a forum!
  14. GuppyTech

    8 or 7 for new build ?

    windows 8 runs much faster than any OS with blue you will have alot of fixes
  15. OMG i cannot keep the excitement contained!! i am going to burst!