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  1. Jmds

    PC goes on and off on and off

    Sorry for the delay on my response but i've been busy with christmas! Yeah yeah i've tested two different sets of ram, on two different motherboards. I'm 99% sure it's the cpu...
  2. Jmds

    PC goes on and off on and off

    So, i didn't manage to get another gpu but i got another motherboard. I changed the cpu from one mobo to the other, tested it without anything else and it goes on and off just as on the other mobo. I finished the build anyway and as expected nothing, I just need a confirmation from someone... The cpu died right?
  3. Jmds

    PC goes on and off on and off

    I'll try to get one today! I'll keep you posted! Thanks!!
  4. Hey guys! So i have a pc thats made from old components of previously owned computers. A couple of days ago it started to turn on and off constantly and repeteadly. Sometimes i can get to windows other times it only stays on for 1sec. I unplugged everything and started to put it back in to diagnose what part of the hardware was done for and when i got to the graphics card and unplugged it the computer would stay on. I thought hhmm maybe the psu isnt pushing enough power to juice everything... and i got myself a Corsair CX600. Well the problem persists... I'm just running an old i5-2400, 4gbs of g-skill Ripjaws X, a GTX 560 and a kingston 120gbs ssd... The 600w psu should be able to push it without sweating... Can it be the gpu that's causing the problem?
  5. Jmds

    Should i wc my r9 290?

    Yeah and i hate to do measurements... always afraid to miss something or not measure in the right place but it'll try to do it right! Thanks man = )
  6. Jmds

    Should i wc my r9 290?

    I considered that too but i've always wanted to build my own loop and i think now its the best time to do it! Thanks for you suggestion kind sir = )
  7. Jmds

    Should i wc my r9 290?

    Hmm.. Acording to corsair i can fit a 280 rad on top of my 350d. Is it worth over the 240 one?
  8. Jmds

    Should i wc my r9 290?

    yeah had the same problem with the replies... But it'll go down 20c with just one 240 rad?? or with the 240+120?
  9. Jmds

    Should i wc my r9 290?

    With the same outside temperatures i have? Hhmm... probably a little bit above my budget... but its manageable. If i get just a 240 rad now ( and later in the future ill get the 120) can the temps go down a fair bit?
  10. Hi guys! So i got an MSI twin frozr r9 290 a couple of months ago but i've only really started using it to its full potential a couple of weeks ago. So it's temperature on some games goes to 95º C which it's kinda high for my likes. I live in Portugal and i the temperatures on the summer are kinda high ( it's 2am and its around 27º degrees outside and in my room its probably around 30º), so it's gonna be hard to keep it cooled. I've always wanted to watercool my computer but i never found the investment worth it with my old setup. Am i gonna benefit from it? Is a 240 radiator enough to cool the gpu and my 3570k ( at stock now but it could probably get some oc in the near future)?? Should i go for it guys? Thanks alot!
  11. Jmds

    ATH-M50x vs Razer Adaro DJ

    M50 are overpriced on the us, you can get them in europe for around 100€, maybe less, so if you live in europe i recommend them!
  12. Jmds

    Battle of the Speakers!

    yes and yes and even if i wasnt, audio producing gear can be used to listen to music made by other people and are pretty good at it too ahah
  13. Jmds

    Battle of the Speakers!

    Hi guys! Sooo, i just got some sweet money that im willing to spend towards some speakers. Im using an 11 years old 5.1 (thats currently 2.1) creative sound system thats starting to fail and giving me some cracks on the sound. I've seen some reviews and stuff and i came down to these 3: audioengine a2+, audioengine a5+ and the M-audio AV 40. I like to spend my money wisely so the question is, from the cheapest ( M-audio ones) to the most expensive ones ( a5+), is it worth the extra cost? I dont want to pay 200euros more just to get slightly better sound and a remote, i want to get 200euros worth of sound and good stuff! From those 3 which one is the best value? I've read mixed reviews on all of them so i just can't pick one ( and i hate to buy something and discover some time after that the other one was way better and i should have bought that). I'm opened to suggestions on others speakers around the same price point as the ones i pointed but please bear in mind that i only want speakers that look like those, no harmon kardon soundsticks and stuff like that, only sober and classic speakers!! Thanks alot!!
  14. I've had some but it's kinda weird... Despite the fact that im in control, there's always something that brings me down like i can't do exactly what i wanted. And waking up when things get too fucking weird is really really scary, cause you're in your dream saying you need to wake up but you just don't and sometimes i wake up at my bed inside the dream and it takes a while to know that its a dream and that sometimes happens like 3 or 4 times in a row, wake up - Know i'm in a dream - trying to wake up again - wake up in a dream again. Has anyone experienced that last part?
  15. Jmds

    Mechanical Keyboard Club!

    yyeeyy just got my first mechanical keyboard! It's a CM storm quickfire TK with brown switches! So far im really happy with my purchase and it's a huge difference from someone who used membrane all his life ( what a sad life)...