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  1. Me and my amazing profile picture.
  2. Thanks heaps guys for the nice feedback :D
  3. Yeah i've only 19gb left on my drive :unsure: I'm trying to keep my storage all super fast though so it's my plan to get another SSD.
  4. Yes, the 600t is sexy :P and it was only $180 (Australian dollars) Your setup looks awesome especially the blue LED strips, mind sharing where you got them? :D Just work on your cable management a bit. What's your YouTube channel? i'll check it out.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, can you give me some tips on how i'd go about sleeving them? I'll google around but some tips would be appreciated. Thanks again :rolleyes:
  6. Thanks :) aha yeah the 6970 is extremely ugly :P . Thanks for the parts suggestions i'll look into them :rolleyes:
  7. Hi, i'm Harrison, aged 17 This was my first build, I spent ages researching my components and their price/performance ratio's. I think I found a great balance. SPECS: AMD FX-8350 AMD VTX3D Radeon 6970 4gb generic RAM from my previous PC Intel 520 120gb SSD Thermaltake TR-2 800watt PSU Corsair 600t Black Pictures Below, please give some feedback. Thanks alot guys!
  8. Buy a newer; better GPU. Nuff said.
  9. You don't really need a sound card unless you're a music producer. I'd sell.
  10. This is just common knowledge, even with first time builders. It takes 2 seconds on google to learn this information. :angry:
  11. Have you dropped your phone lately? maybe into water or liquid? It sound like the battery/motherboard of your s3 is damaged/fried. Consider using your manufacturers warranty if bought new, or just get it repaired.
  12. I'd say go for a 6970, they have a great price for performance ratio. They run most of the latest games at max settings above 60fps.