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  1. I’ve been reading up on this. It may indeed be the RAM at fault. Maybe your existing kit does not like the new Asus mobo. Since you’re from the UK, I will recommend you this RAM which is at a decent price right now: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0134EW7G8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_s9aRBb9HDXEF2 Before selling your Patriot kit, I’d order these and give them a go. If it still doesn’t work you’ll be able to return it to Amazon no questions asked within 30 days. I personally don’t think it’s your CPU. If the new RAM worked, congratulations. I would advise that you update the BIOS if this is the case for maximum compatibility and performance in the future.
  2. Meh I think iOS 8 is great. Nothing "walled in" about it. I can browse the Internet fine, I can watch media fine, I can download great apps and games. What's bad about that? Nothing. You can do the same on Android.
  3. The A8X is only on the iPad, which you can presume that it can be used as a more "hardcore" gaming device than a mobile phone. With the new Metal API instead of OpenGL, there's more performance and better graphics too.
  4. We're talking about tablets here, with some phone inclusion, but mainly tablets.
  5. Apples new A8X processor has been found to have been geekbenched, showing a triple-core processor (for the first time since 2011 from dual-core) clocked at 1.5Ghz and contains 2GB of RAM The benchmark shows that the A8X single-handedly beats the new iPhone 6's in single-core and multi-core processing. Google has recently announced their new Nexus 9 with Tegra K1, which has also been benchmarked. See the results for yourselves: and now a Nexus 9 comparison As you can see, the A8X is one multi-core monster indeed. Now awaiting GPU benchmarks which I suspect will, again, annihilate any other mobile SoC.
  6. I preordered. Getting my Space Grey 16GB iPhone 6 on launch day this Friday. I'm excited
  7. No... Think about after sales support as well mate. With an Oppo or OnePlus, your not gonna get great support. I'd buy from a reputable and recognised brand, such as Apple or HTC. I'd wait to see what the iPhone 6 looks like.
  8. DAFUQ .... You won't leave Android because of a 30% increase in battery life that's not been proved? I'm sure Apple will say something about the battery in new iPhone. But anyway, to each their own
  9. Why? Is there anything for you to not like, now with the "new" power features in iOS 8? I can think of loads of features they've put in to make it actually compete with Android (on a feature-wise level)
  10. Heh I can't wait! It's going to be great. Switching from Android, back to iOS this time around. I will like 4.7" display and also fingerprint sensor. I will like the new features iOS 8 brings as well (even though they were on Android already) but who cares, Apple makes the experience better and more user friendly. Also their customer service is #1. It's up there with Amazon. Simply amazing.
  11. But OSX is free though? Macs from 2009 onwards I believe are getting the latest Yosemite update completely free, no strings attached.
  12. Well, you can say that about the Samsung Galaxy S5. Its expensive, its shit, the hardware is shit and Samsung's skinning and TouchWiz is terrible. Do you see it now? Some people prefer iPhone/iOS. Like me, and others.
  13. "Backup" Ok let me know which Android phone from 5 years ago runs the 2nd most recent OS and receive security updates as well as being quite functional (browsing the web, apps etc) . It's not handicapped. Its old hardware.No im not saying they make up iOS 8. You were hating by saying that "oh it's changed from this to that what a massive update", it's just a change from the previous beta. If you actually watch the presentation or even bother to do your research, there are many changes to iOS 7 from iOS 8.