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  1. I will project my interest about.... meh, I suck at finding puns about this!
  2. I started personnally with watching Tom's hardware videos (Specially that one with the CPUs dying while playing Quake -- anyone remember that?). But then I found Linus's NCIX videos, and haven't looked back since!
  3. Source: http://wccftech.com/idf13-intel-demonstrates-haswell-e-ddr4-memory-x99-chipset-based-motherboard/#ixzz2eh1KHAoa That's gonna be one expensive platform, considering we'll assume that DDR4 prices will be high on release.... But man, that platform'll support alot of RAM....
  4. Hey guys, I've been searching on the internet for a while. Seems that the drivers for the E2200 for Windows 8 cause some BSODs. I read on the internet and it seems any computer with the chip in them has the issue, but in different degrees. For example. my computer (With the MSI Z87-G45 Gaming) throws a BSOD once every 1-2 weeks. But I seen people posting on other forums with MSI's G-series laptops crashing more often. Also some people on Gigabyte's Sniper series. So this is just a beware for potential buyers until they release updated drivers.
  5. Hey guys. Today, I noticed something. I've been the user of an iPhone for a good 6 months. In those 6 months, I changed plans maybe about 4 times. Why? Basically, it seems canadian wireless providers (As of late, anyway) switch their plans very frequently. When I got the phone back in December, I got a plan for 85$ a month, 400 minutes, 350mb data. Now, I have a plan for 60$ a month, Unlimited minutes and long distance (in Canada), and 3gb of data. So if you're the type to just silently pay your wireless bills, sometimes, pay a visit on their website, you might be greeted with a nice surprise!
  6. See... Before, I was an advocate of the 'I hate Windows 8's lack of a classic start menu' bandwagon, but since 8.1.... Yes, there's a start menu now, and it does still go to metro. But it's still so close to the normal menu that I don't think I mind anymore. I press start, the Arrow down to get to all apps, and select the app I want in the ALPHABETIZED list. What did I do on the old start menu? Start, All programs, and select the app I want in the ALPHABETIZED list. Really not sure it's worth bitching about anymore, in my case anyway...
  7. Hey guys, This is just a warning for those using Windows 8.1 preview, seems the Lucid Virtue feature on (at least the Haswell ones) cpus makes Windows 8.1 BSOD right after installing the driver. Had to go in safe mode to uninstall the software, and in the BIOS to disable LV. Figured I'd warn people in case some use it!
  8. This is amazing.... Keep up the good work, this is gonna be a masterpiece!
  9. I meant more that it's smaller. Takes less space and it's easier to maneuver
  10. Yeah I'm starting to think I should have spent the extra 30-40$ and gotten an H100...
  11. Aiite took me 3 hours, just to find out that it didn't boot. Removed video card. That ain't it. So, I was at testing the RAM. Problem here is that the heatsink was covering the ram. This heatsink is HUMONGOUS! So yeah it was a stick of ram. Part of a pack, so they're both out. Went from 12gb ram to 4. Got 2 sticks of 8gb on order at NCIX, I'll hopefuilly get them friday. So I promised you tech pr0n, here it is! XD The motherboard , bare naked, with the CPU mounted The motherboard, now burdened with the heatsink Space left between the heatsink and video card
  12. I'm not really an overclocker. I might try the basic OCgenie, but I never really did OC before.
  13. So, I am supposed to get today my new motherboard/CPU to refresh my Intel Core i7 2600. I know I won't see much of a difference, but a friend of mine is buying my current one for 300$, so that made it worth it. Current system: MSI P67A-G43, CPU: i7 2600 (Not K) Going to: MSI Z87-G45 Gaming, Intel Core i7 4770k, Zalman CNPS12X Pure Copper/Aluminium heatsink (It looked like a decent heatsink and had a big rebate...) I'll post pictures once I change it, kind of a before/after :)
  14. There used to be iPC, iDeneb... There's one kid from the eastern part of the globe I think that's been making half-decent distros too, Kiresh I think his name is? But I learned how to do my own. Also, doing it that way teaches you how things work