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    I7 6700K @ 4.7 Jigar hurtz
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    gigabyte z170 hd3
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    16 gb hyperX ddr4 - some black low end version
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    asus gtx 1070
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    some corsair one
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    a lot
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    ROCK ps-rx500gl
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    Nepton 240M
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    logitech g105
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    logitech g502
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    w10 X64

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  1. I I'm guessing it is, dmesg -H is showing dmar: iommu enabled Also just tried out the gpu, I've blacklisted all the drivers that its reporting to use and still no joy
  2. I'd rather use a dedicated line for it rather than go through multiple drivers and what not, maybe I'm just weird like that though
  3. The nic is on it's own group so that shouldn't cause any issues And it's an ho dl380 g7 2x x5650 bunch of ram spread evenly across both chips
  4. what im trying to do is set up a vm on my server as my main rig, pass through a dedicated nic, usb hub and a graphics card. i only have the nic installed and its not letting me pass it through to the vm, and yes i have followed the instructions and enabled all the things, been trying to get it to work for the last 2 days and no joy
  5. i got a spare westmere cpu, e5630 will it work with x58 out of the box or will it need a bios upgrade or some fancy stuff? yes i know its old, its to replace an ever problematic fx 6300
  6. im wanting something that can automatically back up the crap on my phone to a local drive on my network, this possible?
  7. all good, was just wanting to make sure I did things correctly thats all
  8. I got an SSD and can't really be bothered having to reinstall about 100gb worth of stuff along with restoring backups and what not 1. got new SSD 2. want to move user folder to SSD 3. preferably without reinstalling everything possible? and if so what would the command be - ubuntu server 19.something
  9. heres what i would do go for best Xeon that will fit - probably sun 70 get best psu the rest will allow
  10. true enough, still an interesting thought though, well at least it is to me
  11. asking more like a general overview of cpu intensive stuff, pretty sure the single cpu would be at the top of the list, then the HT, then the Xc + Xc, but by how much is that difference nowadays
  12. I haven't been able to find much info on this but what would the performance be, all things equal example: doesn't need to equal 4, could be 2, 4, 6, 8, etc 2c/4t 4c/4t 2c+2c
  13. it doesn't stay removed long enough for a reboot to do anything
  14. don't have another one and wasn't planning on getting another any time soon
  15. already tried yelling at it, and it told me to jump off the nearest cliff :c one part of that is true, the other part isn't