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  1. Does anyone know when this monitor will release in Canada? Considering waiting for this or getting the AOC 24G2 right now
  2. I'm considering buying this monitor and have not come across any reliable reviews of it, please and thanks in advance
  3. I wish they had done some comparisons against the PG279Q and AD27QD
  4. Thanks but looking for two for my girlfriend and I
  5. Hi, looking to buy two passes for Saturday
  6. Does Ryzen 3000 benefit more from high speed memory like the 2000 series does?
  7. Best Buy online only shows one refurbished model, would I have better chances checking in store?
  8. Looking to buy an LG gram in Canada (BC) and can't seem to find any retailers that carry it. Thanks in advance
  9. I'd prefer a 60% board because it is compact and and simplistic.
  10. I want this processor to compute at maximum efficiency