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    I work at a laser engraving shop


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    i7 4790k
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    Gigabyte G1 Sniper 5 z87 lga 1150
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    G.Skill Ripjaws X 32gb ddr3 1600
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    2x Asus GTX 780 DC2OC-3GD5
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    Corsair 760t White
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    Kingston SSDnow v300 240gb, WD red 3tb
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    Corsair AX1200i
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    3x LG 24m45
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    Custom watercooling loop
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    Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2014
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    Razer Ouroboros
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    Razer Blackshark
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    Windows 10
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  1. Hey guys, As you can tell from the title, i had a pretty intense leak in my waterloop. It had ran more than 2 weeks 24/7 without leaking a single drop of fluid, however, two days ago, after a lengthy session of gaming, it started leaking. Basically, as pressure built up ( i had lowered my fans recently and gpu temps were around 50-55 ( mind you, i run 1.35v ) instead of my usual 40-45), the EK fc-terminal started leaking, i saw it right away and quickly took care of it. This morning however, it did it again.. This time, water was basically flowing out of the fc terminal! I do not understand why the terminal started leaking, as i have been using it for a year and a half without any prior incidents. Upon further inspection, one of the o rings wasnt perfectly seated in its groove and the block seems bent around the o Ring area. However, the o ring might just have moved when i removed the termianl Can an o ring produce a perfect seal for weeks on end and suddenly pop? Is the bent block normal, or at least, could it have caused the leak, is it still safe for use? Should i replace the fc terminal? Ps: sorry for the really dirty parts
  2. do you mind explaining a little bit?
  3. Hey guys! I'm pretty much clueless when it comes to android phones hardware ( i just haven't been following the scene ). I looked around for sub 150$ CAD phones on ebay and found basically two phones that looked interesting. I either have an LG G3 Beat D722J 8GB for 150$ Or LG Nexus 5 D820 -16GB for 130$ After looking around, it seems that the G3 is overall a much better phone on paper, but i dont understand why could they be sold for around the same price? Can somebody tell me wich phone i should pick? I dont care about OS, as i will be running Cyanogen no matter what phone i get! I am also open to suggestions if you guys know better cheap phones! EDIT: I also just found an Samsung Galaxy S4 SCH-I545 16GB for 140$, wich makes it even harder
  4. Hey guys! Im having a VERY weird issue right now, basically, if i load up BF4 or FurMark, my pc instantly shuts downs. Normally, this would be the psu, except that, FurMark can run if i put 8x MSAA and 1920x1080, but if i put any other options, my pc instantly shuts down. Running out of power is not the problem, even if i limit my cards to 45% power limit, it still shuts down. Unigine runs totally fine even when it reaches 80%+ power draw. Any idea what could be happening?
  5. This is why i need a new one Also, everyone should be using ssd's because its an super cheap upgrade that really helps speed up almost any computer!
  6. An Hyper 212 evo is enough for pretty much anything unless you do some major overclocking! At 100$, you cant really make a proper watercooling loop yourself, you have to either buy an AIO or a high end air cooler!
  7. No. Liquid cool is impractical, non functional, and atrocious in perf/$ NHD-14 Offers equal or even better performance than most 240mm water coolers, most of the time while being more quiet!
  8. I know what is causing the problem, why it is causing it, why i shouldnt do it, and i have my reasons to keep it like this. I dont want to be THAT guy, but dont get off topic, i know the simple solution, i know its the better one! I just want to know if adding a d5 in parallel / series would permit my cpu to get enough flow! I think parallel is the better solution ( vs series ) to my case, but do you think it would be enough? P.S: I dont think any of you are rude, if i was you, i'd be proposing the same thing, but that is not my question! If i was rude to you, my bad, not my intention And i also know guys like me are annoying to some of you
  9. I dont think you got the question right I was asking about having pumps in serial vs in parallel, not my blocks! here is a photo of the setup http://imgur.com/4S6TShP im using 12-16mm tubing if i remember correctly, gtx 780 dc2 block with supremacy evo
  10. Hey guys! I am currently having flow problems, due to a parallel setup ( i have my gpus and my cpu in parallel ), and i was wondering if i should add another pump in parallel or in series? Does the two pumps need to be identical? Can i run an EKWB d5 Vario with the new EKWB d5s? Can i run a d5 with a d5 strong? My goal is to have more flow, because the flow to the cpu is really bad!
  11. Like Moonzy said, that parallel route simply wont work, the difference between the resistance of the gpu block and the resistance of the rest of the loop is way too big. Almost all of the waterflow would go into the gpu block!
  12. The water splits on the entry and joins at the exit, its as simple as that!
  13. When they say locked voltage, they mean you have a limit over voltage control. you CAN control it, but really not much, using a custom bios, you could push as much voltage as your balls allow you to!
  14. Holy mother of god, i am stable only at 1.45v on 5ghz on my 4790k