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  1. dantheman61

    Dedicated Servers

    no this is not an ad
  2. dantheman61

    Dedicated Servers

    I recently got a server from premiumtechs.uk specs advertised (E5-2667 v4 3.2Ghz) 4 CPU Cores 7 GB ECC RAM 180 GB SSD for $30/month What i got CPU E5-2686 v4 @ 2.30GHz 8 cores 32 GB RAM 180 GB SSD It is a AWS server m4.2xlarge (as it says on the desktop) I am not complain about the server, the server is awesome. But the price for these specs seems to good to be true. Is it possible to get a server like that from AWS for that price? Has anyone used this site for dedicated servers? They have not done anything wrong to me but has giving me a server that i don't know how they could be making money on.
  3. dantheman61


    NEW Razer Blade 14 dont have a gaming laptop.
  4. dantheman61

    GTX 550 Ti SLI VS GTX 750ti

    About how much faster? Is it worth upgrading.
  5. dantheman61

    GTX 550 Ti SLI VS GTX 750ti

    What would be faster GTX 550 Ti SLI VS GTX 750ti?
  6. dantheman61

    ASUS RT-AC68R Tomato - Link speed

    I have the Asus RT-AC68R router and flashed it with tomato(Firmware 1.28.0000 -2.8-130 K26ARM USB AIO-64K). On my dell xps 13 with WiFi ac i get a link speed of 866Mbps but on my Samsung galaxy s4 only get a link speed of 200Mbps but should be getting 433 Mbps. Is there some setting i should change i have changed channel width to 80MHz. What should i do to get 433Mbps on my S4?
  7. dantheman61

    How to Stream Downloadable file?

    How would i get VLC's web plugin to work. Is there a guide?
  8. dantheman61

    How to Stream Downloadable file?

  9. I am looking for a way to stream a video file form the web instead of it downloading. I know I can right click on the link and copy link address and paste it to vlc but it would be nice if I just click the link and it opened in vlc. I am on windows 8.1 and use chrome.
  10. dantheman61

    Control the cpu fan with 3pin?

    Thank you CatzRuleZWorld the "fan controller without spending a dime" worked and i did not spend anything. thank you.
  11. I have the asrock 980de3/u3s3 motherboard and would like to decrease fan noise and realized that the cpu fan is at 1900rpm so i went in to bios and tried to change it but it was not changing the i looked at the motherboard a saw that the cup fan was a 3pin but the motherboard was a 4pin so how can i control the cpu fan? the cpu cooler is the efz-92ha3.
  12. HI I have the sans digital tr4m+b the drives are in JBOD but every time I restart my computer the drives or not recognized but if i do a shutdown and turn it back on the drives are there. Can someone help me fix this? I am using Windows 7 64bit.
  13. Congratulations on the 1 million Subscribers
  14. dantheman61

    Linus Tech Tips and JayzTwoCents - Giveaway!

    Q0gDrqOCarmUKmppD7GQ Hope i win
  15. dantheman61

    ASUS RoG G550JK Gaming Notebook & GIVEAWAY

    How it looks.