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  1. those freesync monitors mostly dont work trouble free on amd either
  2. are you aware that you dont need AMD gpu to use freesync?
  3. people with dsl speeds wont watch 4k content then and people with better would watch whatever they like? i dont see why 4k users should be downgraded just because someone else cant watch 4k
  4. i dont think i need to repeat myself, you can just read the quote you made
  5. the 2 sentences right before it are enough context to make the connection that its an opinion... im sorry you didnt get it but thats not my concern. now you know its an opinion, so i believe you dont have anything else to bring up?
  6. when stuff doesnt look right (and it actually isnt right in this case btw), the dev doubles down on it knowing that, and it benefits third party that was proven to do similar stuff before. ye id do that for any other company like that i think it was pretty obvious from the post itself
  7. heres another idea, its just an opinion based on proven past intels fuckery with "sponsored" benchmarks and other shady shit they did when their product wasnt exactly great
  8. how can someone smart enough to develop that kind of software fuck up so badly to misrepresent the data it collects. they cant be this stupid right? its paid off
  9. not even 2080ti can do that
  10. thats just the language used to demonstrate it. or do you actually think the vulnerability in L1 cache only applies to javascript??
  11. it replaces one security solution for another. are you such an expert to find an actual reason why that solution can not be better/equivalent to the original? (you dont need to answer that because we both know, we dont have the details of implementation) you called it fud, i call it reasonable expectation at this point do what you want with your updates, im just not a fan of MS philosophy of making the consumer into a tester
  12. https://www.av-comparatives.org/tests/real-world-protection-test-july-october-2019/ highest amount of false positives+user dependent infection isnt really the best combination is it. the more it bothers you about actually safe stuff the less likely you are to believe when real shit is about to hit you. on the other hand you have avira and symantec, thats a big difference imo. correct me if im wrong, installing 3rd party solution disables defender so theoretically also prevents attack from using its vulnerability. and if we assume attackers want their attacks to work on the biggest chunk of users, it could potentially completely save you if youre actually trying to deny all the broken updates MS released to public, i think were done here. just google windows broken updates, sure some could be reverted but some could not and im not gonna be the guinea pig for that
  13. 1) idc 2) were not asking for replacement 3) defender can have bugs too and has worse detections on top of it, so i dont understand why recommend it over 3rd party. lets go with a general scenario: you get an email from colleague with infected attachment, you opened it - i think youd rather have the sw with the updated definition 4) ye better brick my OS install because MS cant push proper updates??
  14. ok buddy, for one zeroday it brings it could halt 3 others that defender doesnt catch. and correct me if im wrong, defender doesnt update definitions nearly as often and if you pause updates to avoid getting some broken MS update youre even more screwed.
  15. feels to me like youre trying to blame the hardware for your performance in games? apart from game engines where fps significantly alters physics in the game (like cod4 for higher and longer jumps to get to places you wouldnt normally get) i dont see any real reason to push it so high
  16. @ChaosCGTV the story was you run those games all at max, now youre turning down shadows and getting 70-80 fps in "some areas"? im sure your 1070ti overclock gained you nearly 30% performance and i sure believe you over actual reviewers. now to the topic about VA vs IPS. personally i have bad experience with VA blur and would prefer IPS
  17. no, youre not getting 100+ average fps in 1440p on 1070ti in ac odyssey and metro exodus. not even 2080ti does that in ac and barely in metro...
  18. unless he wants to sidegrade or downgrade, rtx is the only range of cards with it and higher performance than 1070
  19. for the nvenc encoder... going higher means more enjoyable for the player?
  20. the real question is why would you need that much ram
  21. checking an email once a month and acting to save your hacked account sure takes 24/7/30 effort
  22. well if you didnt care enough to get account back with all these red flags, then they might just assume it was you who hacked. noone here is gonna help you, gl with the customer support