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  1. maybe dont edit your post 10 times before you get a reply. i didnt misrepresent anything, the quote you provided for your argument isnt the ruling. ruling is at the end of the page as i posted and as you inserted later. i even pointed out that you can find and pick arguments for either side from the considered questions, what matters is the end... why the fk would i waste time with your wall of text post when you quoted consideration of questions as a ruling to support your argument. at this point nothing you write can be taken at face value
  2. no <removed by staff>, this is the actual ruling: note this "right to use", "distribution right", "right of reproduction".
  3. 1) youre only linking EU. 2) the above isnt a ruling... its a part of a question that the court considered during the ruling. i can quote you a different one (both are useless on their own) "The copy thus downloaded may not, however, be used by the customers unless they have concluded a user licence agreement with Oracle. Such a licence gives Oracle’s customers a non-exclusive and non-transferable user right for an unlimited period for that program." (again its just part of a question that the court considered, not ruling, basically means nothing just like yours)
  4. sure point me to the court ruling about modifying software with license prohibiting it. you "own the game license" and you can resell it etc. you cant modify the software freely
  5. you living under a rock? most commercial software nowadays isnt sold as property, its licensed for use... (i think i heard about cdpr and their gog actually selling the copies instead of licenses, not sure though. even then if you bought the game on steam then its licensed and not your property)
  6. 1) this is factually wrong in many cases, read about software licensing. 2) youre making mountain out of molehill, cdpr simply asked for removal and nexus complied. the reason was understable and nexus was reasonable. 3) they all know the mod will remain available somewhere, they just both understand removing the mod was ethically good choice
  7. as the court said ios emulator doesnt have the same use as the real os and the code is original work
  8. why did you even want to update? then why did you not listen? every good guide on bios flashing tells you to save the old bios first. "long story short" doesnt really tell us much, you might have fucked up and given the support wrong hardware information or the support fucked up you can ask around forums and provide the most accurate details of your card, maybe someone can get you the original bios
  9. you need to count everything into the price, motherboard, cpu and cooler. obviously 10600kf is faster in games but its also more expensive overall
  10. are you saying the backdoor in these routers isnt exploitable? when the research team already claimed it is being used? router with backdoor can phone home, so you dont need to initiate the connection. backdoor can let you directly into routers firmware. you dont have to be logged in, they dont need to know the model beforehand, they dont need to circumvent "security from your isp" because the router itself initiated the connection. the router can act as man in the middle attack for encrypted communication as well. sure it doesnt control all devices on the network but i
  11. huawei and msi burning down? msi ceo falling from seventh floor? something really stinks here
  12. i dont get your analogy, heres example - streaming the walking dead (game) theres barely any interaction between the streamer and the game, its like youre watching a movie. the viewer on stream gets all the content out of that game without even playing it, meaning hes unlikely to buy it for themselves