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  1. That explanation literally makes no sense. Glad I have plex, literally my own personal Netflix.
  2. Why can't the mamba (and by extension the Deathadder) ever have a just one more thumb button razer?
  3. I had a little teething issue, but it's worked perfectly in GTA V, Bully & others.
  4. Did he just get counter trolled by a Scottish guy at the end at a US event..... :huh: :lol:
  5. They streamed this 2 days ago and all the streamer on SOE twitch stream done was player kill, even from his first spawn, the well has been well and truly poisoned when open world zombie survival game just comes down to this.
  6. God fucking dammit, why is it so hard to have native MKV and AC3 5.1 audio support, guess my google TV stick around a while longer.
  7. If the codec support if right this might be my new plex device, since the nexus player turned out to be crap.
  8. "Superfast" - Doesn't actually define or list a speed it considers minimum to be "superfast" on the website. Funny really.