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  1. Hello Everyone, As the title states I need to find a way to set up a VPN or some other remote access solution to allow me to work from home. We currently have a Windows SBS 2008 Server hosting a domain, a Windows Server 2012 R2 Running as a temp Data Server, and a NAS for general access storage. I would need to be able to access drives on each of those devices to allow me to use all of our software. Before you tell me to contact our network admin; we haven't had a dedicated network admin for at least 5 year, I have been taking care of as much as I can but I can only take care of what I know how to do and research hasn't done me well with this issues. Any help is appreciated
  2. 18650 refers to the "size" of the battery (Think AA, AAA, or C Cell Batteries)
  3. I swapped out the fans and he thinks they are louder (I don't hear a difference but he pays me)
  4. Working in the field we do (Home automation and A/V) we have used Repeaters and extentions all the time. As far as thunderbolt goes, what would be the ideal way to set it up (The computer doesn't have built in thunderbolt)
  5. My boss wants me to move his workstation to a different room so he doesn't have to listen to it. He needs the ability to have: 3 monitors (2 currently connected Via HDMI, 1 to be added later) Multiple Usb connections DVD Drive (Can be usb if needed) Standard 3.5mm audio out What do you guys think is the best solution for this? I remember Linus using Thunderbolt at some point, but I cant seem to find much info on it. I am comfortable doing pretty much anything (Within reason) to get this working properly. Thanks in advance.
  6. Someone correct me if I am wrong; I haven't done much work with Arduino boards. I believe there should be a way to program a simple program for an Arduino board that would cycle the power every second.
  7. I don't see too much of a purpose for it unless you break an overclock and it crashes before you can do anyhting about it. It cut my performance down to about 25%
  8. [solved!] I had accadently switched my mobo to Slow_mode. I am now getting much better results!
  9. Now with the Updates installed I am still getting the unusialy low performance. Any other Ideas?
  10. I don't think I have ever face-palmed so hard. I had all the updates downloaded but I managed not to restart the PC to intsall them. time to get that done...
  11. I recall running like 115 updates last night but I could be wrong.
  12. Hey guys I reinstalled windows because I was upgrading to a bigger SSD and Now I am noticing horrible performance out of my R9 290. I first noticed playing League of Legends I was only getting about 80 fps max where before I capped it at 120. I ran a Valley benchmark and below is my score: I have installed Drivers from the CD as well as online and I have had no luck. Any thoughts on what it might be? Solved! The issue I was having was that on my Mobo there is a Slow_mode Switch that I must have hit when installing the SSD
  13. When I try running my Xbox360 throught the converter I get audio but no video so i think you might be correct.
  14. Nice catch, I edited the main post.
  15. Yes, I have had it hooked up to a samsung 32" Smart TV that I have as my main monitor on my main computer.