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  1. Yeah LTX ... just a UX thing, having the browser warn you "this site is dodgy" is not the best of messages for a tech channel, sent them an email, won't post it on twitter as you know how the kids get ..
  2. Just a heads up, your cert expired causing all sorts of warnings when entering the site.
  3. Like this? https://www.parcelmonitor.com/ or https://www.aftership.com/ (it's paid but there is a free tier)
  4. Ouch. I have those hours when a big project comes on.
  5. I need help with my papyrus and quill ....I think there are compatibility issues.
  6. 1050ti will be marginally better than the CPU as a GPU renderer.
  7. Review samples are actually better than retail usually.
  8. I think im bringing Electro Luminescent wiring back. Just moded my case with it
  9. Bought some electro luminescent wire and modded the case Think it looks even better now!