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  1. DotoreN

    Adaptive mode

    Can these spikes happen during gaming aswell on adaptive? Also if electricity bill isn't a problem. is a manual constant 1.3volts (haswell) bad for the CPU (as in potential degrade faster) compared to adaptive where it goes lower in idle? Not sure wether adaptive or manual is the mode I want to set it at.
  2. I am currently using 1.3volts for my i7 4790k as overclock on manual mode. People mention that adaptive mode is not recommended for stresstesting as it can cause so called voltage spikes that hurt the CPU. So I have 2 questions, can these voltage spikes also happen during gaming in adaptive mode? And if I want to change from manual to adaptive, what voltage do I need in this case? How is that calculated.
  3. A week ago I overclocked my CPU (but it should be stable and i'm not using XMP) and I replaced my PSU with a new Seasonic focus plus. Since today I suddenly hear a ticking noise every once in a while from my computer and I have no clue what causes this ticking noise, it's only for a brief second and repeats every ~10-15mins. When i'm gaming my PC sometimes suddenly crashes (not a blue screen) and I have to hold the power button to restart it, it then fails to boot like 3-4times and then boots normally. What can cause this issue? Any help or advice is appreciated, i'm kind of clueless of where the problem can be.
  4. DotoreN

    Any good monitors for around $150~$300??

    Viewsonic XG2401 or Benq 2411P for 144hz 1080p monitors. The viewsonic being a newer/fresher monitor. You should be more specific what resolution, which refreshrate and what size (in inch) you want. I personally have a 144hz 1080p Benq 2411Z (old model) and a Asus VC239 60hz 1080p as second monitor.
  5. DotoreN

    Do you support RGB?

    I find RGB really annoying, I have it turned off on my mouse and keyboard aswell. I find it distracting and not adding anything, I want to game and watch my shows in peace.
  6. DotoreN

    I don't know what power supply to choose!

    Seasonic focus plus 650/750W is really good for its price.
  7. DotoreN

    Is my cooling installed correctly?

    Apparently it does, it was blocked. Ill turn my psu vent facing down right now.
  8. DotoreN

    Is my cooling installed correctly?

    yea I see, I believe my old PSU is in the top right corner (white/blue box) and still don't know why it's still there. I could someday maybe put it there. But aslong as my GPU/CPU temps are fine I guess there's no problem for now right? Also I can't check my PSU temps, can I assume it's fine even though it's "fighting for air" ?
  9. DotoreN

    Is my cooling installed correctly?

    But my PSU then blows towards the bottom of my PC? There's no vent's or anything.
  10. My PSU currently blows towards my GPU and my GPU down to my PSU. If my temperatures are fine, should I then still reinstall my PSU somewhere else or is this fine? CPU is around 60-70c under load (valley) GPU is around 67-70c under load (valley)
  11. Haven't yet noticed any problems with cstates on yet. What exactly does disabling c1e and c6/7cstates do?
  12. DotoreN

    Do i need to replace my psu?

    I think i'll go for the Seasonic Focus Plus, should I go for the 650W or 750W? I kinda want future proofing as i'm not going to buy any components yet, so most likely will need a psu that can handle a modern 2020 i7/videocard
  13. I currently have a thermaltake toughpower XT 775w bronze plated that powered my rig for over 5years. I currently have a i7 4790k and gtx 1070 and havent had issues, but since this is such a dated psu, when should i replace it? Also cant find much on the internet about how good this one is
  14. DotoreN

    Is my GPU Bottlenecked?

    Alright i'll do this, thanks. If it works it saves me from having to dissemble my cooler and reapply thermal paste. My bios will just not recognize/see the RAM sticks after i do this? that's basically all this does?
  15. DotoreN

    Is my GPU Bottlenecked?

    my 2x2gb sticks are in A1/B1 (dual), if i disconnect them by clicking on the memory slot release (not sure if my mobo has this option?), my pc will run fine having the only 2x8 in A2/B2? I don't need to put them in A1/B1? Edit: and where should the memory slot release be on this MB?