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  1. The NZXT h510 comes with 2x 120 PWM AerF120 fans that are meant to be used in rear and top I believe (the 2 fans for front are not included). Should they both exhaust? I assume having 2 fans that are exhausting doesn't make much sense if you don't have fresh air for intake? So i'm wondering if I have to order 2 front fans or how should I install the 2 fans I have?
  2. Yes I think it's similar. Doesn't your computer collect a ton of dust by removing the glass panel?
  3. So I currently finished my build with an i5 10600k (cooled by noctua D14) + GTX 1070 in a NZXT h510 case. I noticed I have CPU idle temps of ~35-40c and under load and in games they are generally around 75c and max spikes to 85c. GPU is generally below 80C so that should be OK. This is without any case fans (because the stock case fans had too small cables to reach MB). I really want to improve these temps, so my options are either buying extended cables to connect the 120mm stock case fans or return the case and buy a new one (which I rather don't). What kind of tem
  4. Currency is Euro. The boards I mentioned are all around 200euro - negligible difference. I'm not limited to those, I just saw them mentioned the most on other topics. What board do you recommend and why? I feel like the difference in features might go unnoticed by me, just looking for a solid board. For example the tomahawk and gaming plus from MSI, what really is the difference?
  5. I'm planning to upgrade to a i5 10600k and i'm not sure what motherboard to pick. My personal preference is MSI and Asus, since those brands never really let me down. My budget is around 200$ give or take. I've come across: MSI Z490 Gaming plus, Msi Z490 Tomahawk, Asus TUF z490 and Asus prime z490-P. What really is the difference between the mentioned MSI and Asus motherboards? In case there's a better motherboard, feel free to mention it.
  6. DotoreN

    Noctua DH-14

    What upgrade kit are you referring to? But good to know my DH-14 is re-useable!
  7. DotoreN

    Noctua DH-14

    I currently own a i7 4790k with a Noctua DH-14 cooler (bought ~5years ago). In the near future I plan to go for the i5 10600k. My question is, will the DH-14 suffice to cool this CPU? I can't find much info on it since it's overshadowed by the DH-15, but i'm not sure if buying the DH-15 is worth it. Perhaps someone could give me some advice what I could do.
  8. I've once had a 27" 1080p, but imo it doesn't look good. For 27" panels, I would rather go for 1440p. But since this will be primarily for gaming, i'm looking for 24" 144hz (perhaps IPS?), but I've been quite out of the loop when it comes to displays, so I don't know what kind of 144hz monitor people go for nowadays. Is there a similar monitor for 24"? Because on paper it looks great.
  9. I personally haven't had issues with soundstage, take it with a grain of salt as this is coming from my own experience with them. I almost exclusively play FPS on high ranks though (global elite for more than 3 years on CS:GO and diamond in valorant for what that's worth). Reviewers ("audiophiles") that supposedly have more knowledge when it comes to sound say that the HD660s have better soundstage, but having owned the HD660s I didn't notice any difference and really hated the sound signature compared to my HD600. Keep in mind that you can return it if you don't like it, so I woul
  10. HD559 HD599 HD600 (2019 vers) Are your options. Having owned all 3 of them, HD600 is miles and miles better than the 5x versions, but slightly more expensive. I saw hd600 (2019 ver) for less than 200euro new recently though. In reviews people seem to be positive about the 660s, but I really didn't find the soundstage to be that much better and I disliked the sound signature. The HD650 is basically a warmer HD600, it's preference which you like more. For me nothing beats HD600 for both gaming or music listening.
  11. I currently own a BenQ 2411Z (144hz TN panel). But it's quite dated and I am looking for a newer monitor, perhaps with better image quality. Is there any monitor out there (144hz / 1080p / 24" ) that is a worthy upgrade from my old benq 2411z? My budget is around 400euro.
  12. I'm in the same boat. I really don't like the edged screen and neither a hole punch. I suppose a oneplus 7(t) Pro might be what you're looking for. Or perhaps the newly released Poco F2 Pro
  13. Perhaps wait for the Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro which is basically a newer version of the xiaomi mi 9t. Very similar in terms of specs, price and size. It should be released today.
  14. I don't think distributing like "screen - 3 USD" says anything about the screen. What resolution, refresh rate, flat screen or edged e.t.c. ? Also camera for me is the least important thing about a phone. If I wanted to make really good pictures and willing to spend a shit ton on a phone for it, i'd go for a proper dedicated camera. Because a good camera simply means the phone sacrifices in other departments that I find way more important. Ideal budget phone would be: $400-500,- ish - 150-160mm phone (6 inch screen) so I can hold it properly and do it i
  15. I'm probably leaning towards the Poco F2 pro (k30 pro) from Xiaomi, as it's priced around 400-500 that fits my budget. Xiaomi however has privacy concerns as they record data from their own software apps that are re-traceable. and I believe their OS skin (MUI) is pretty bloated (correct me if i'm wrong). Are Xiaomi phones easily unlocked, so you can remove bloatware? Perhaps you know. I'm really unfamiliar with their OS. If I can remove their bloatware, this phone seems to be perfect. The reason I'm looking forward to the Poco F2 Pro (in Europe) is that i