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  1. Well lets use this one, this are normally the terms used to describe ones grip, normal is quite subjective.
  2. As somebody who plays a lot, a mouse can never be too light, it is kind of subjective. First of all, what kind of grip and sensitivity are you using?
  3. Well, there you have your Answer, it makes no sense to switch just for "looks". Altough on the other Hand you get something with proper FW.
  4. Technically it would be the CPI Register closest to the Image array, aka the "base cpi" from which the DSP calculates upwards or downwards.
  5. Well, it isnt flawless and it is mostly used because it is easy to implement considering casing, not to mention that it just simply is the mid-end standard. Also they are using a Holtek MCU which isnt even capable of USB High Speed, so it has an added delay on top of 3310´s smoothing.
  6. I just wrote why it wouldnt work with A3055 anyway, another sensor would be another topic but even then the limitations are pretty low.
  7. That is exactly the Problem, A3055(and A3050) is based on A5050, an office sensor, it has a very small array size so it calculates up from 250cpi. It also goes in General that the more CPI you use with optical systems the worse the tracking gets.
  8. How anyone can say this about an A5050 mouse is beyond my understanding.
  9. Im not the only one "reporting" it, even without going into the "super nerd" stuff some people are trying to conduct, but then again anyone who thinks that mototech has any capabilities when they cant even make a 1000hz FW deserves to be ripped off anyway.
  10. And extra delay added to the cursor thanks to "wonderful" FW.
  11. Sensei was never really objectively worth it, regadless depending on what you want to do there are similarly shaped options that can be a better fit.
  12. That PMW3310 isnt completely "acceleration"free is nothing new, probably because it is actually based on A9800, but that is just speculation on my part, but following this train of thought it is possible that the LED´s Laview has used arent really good for PMW3310, it also isnt the first time that somebody mentions high variance on Mionix Mice.
  13. Well, the sockets have the advantage of easily fixing debounce issues without soldering.
  14. Not only there, but then again the whole A9800 family is kind of flawed given how long it takes to process movements even with the current SROM´s.
  15. Lack of Knowledge/Skill, also 99% of reviews are just reciting what is mentioned on the box. If you didnt like the M95, you wont like the M65 either as nothing changed in regards to trackinglinearity, its just the way it is with A9800, its variants and predecessor.(Note, A9800, not Laser illuminated sensors in General.)
  16. Neither is a good investment, but at least Octane´s Mouse is gaming grade with its A3050, altough barely given Firmware quality, the Mouse from the Devastator Bundle on the other Hand is just an office mouse with LED´s and horrible Tracking with massive angle snapping thanks to the PAW3309 its using.
  17. Aha, and why wouldyou say that? Leaving the other personal stuff aside.
  18. Usage matters, not advertising, and even then you shouldnt actually look at what any kind of pros use, i had to play with Ozone for a while, but that doesnt mean i would recommend their products.
  19. Like who? The delay it has should be noticeable by literally anyone.
  20. Well, reasonable choice would be the G402, not to mention that AM010 is better than the hype in a lot of ways.
  21. woll3

    DeathAdder 3.5G

    Buying 3.5G and then using it with Synapse is frankly just stupid.
  22. Considering the amount of G1´s that can be seen with high level players, i guess they must be all bad......
  23. FInalmouse and its delay is a bad joke, btw. there is no "2012". Also why limit yourself to only those three?