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  1. pretty sure you could do that with 2 1080's or even a few 1070's
  2. still, what were you going to use 4 1080's for?
  3. this might sound stupid, but did you plug everything in?
  4. im not even sure about the existence of a 1060, but based on the 1070 and 1080, it will probably kick ass, but dont quote me, just wait for it, if you MUST have a new gpu, a 380 will be best in the price range, 390 is more equivalent to a 970 in price and preformance
  5. amd may have a higher frequency and core count, but 1) single thread preformance is lacking 2) HUGE TDP 3) outdated platform ive heard nothing but regret from most AMD CPU owner's i've met. also, what kind of footage are you working with?
  6. really? out of all the things your cpu? full specs? gpu?
  7. imho this is the first battlefield or cod ive actually cared about, but no doubt EA is going to fuck this up like battlefront
  8. i think its just because your system cant handle gta V, sorry, but imho those components haven't held up well and in certain more intensive situations, it might not be able to keep up.
  9. imho, case upgrades are a thing you might really want, but you'll just want to change again and again, and that's money down the drain. tastes will change, but a case is something you can (and in my opinion should) keep for a long time. if you want to change yours up, paint it!
  10. So I was thinking of building a pc with an fx cpu and a cx power suply. Maybe a 940 or two in SLI. (Time to use those macros)

    1. Darth-Marius


      o lord... lol, do i still have those? idk win 10 upgrade