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  1. Hello LTT forum! I'm planning a home storage overhaul at the moment. Ok here goes My current plan is to have an external WD MyBook Duo on my computer in RAID 0 for Photo/Video Editing (and all other files), this would then be redundantly synced with the RAID 1 QNAP NAS (8TB but 4TB with RAID 1) for access externally. Then I would have my system (MyBook + Internal drives - which is all my data) backed up to BackBlaze... So what'd you think? I'm sure there's some pitfalls of my concept and maybe better solutions that I'm unaware of. Should I consider having some Cold storage that I backup periodically? Thanks for your help!
  2. Unfortunately its also unremoveable . Seems that cheaper phones these days don't like consumers.
  3. Thanks, thats definitely a good point. I think I'll go with Samsung... especially whats happening with batteries recently.
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a phone and for a while I have decided that I would get the Samsung J5 Pro as it meets my price point well. The other day I discovered the Oppo A73, its only $10 more expensive with a better screen, battery, camera and size. I have seen that many people around me have been pleased with Oppo phones but I'm slightly sceptical. Does anyone know the SAR rating of the A73? Is it better to get the A73 over the J5 Pro? Thanks in advance.
  5. Dell's gaming line is very good value but the lower end models screen is sub-par with a quick response panel, unless thats what you want. Their top end model is quite an attractive model and has a great IPS screen: http://www.dell.com/au/p/inspiron-15-7577-laptop/pd?oc=sma511071au&model_id=inspiron-15-7577-laptop
  6. I know I'm adding this a bit late but I thought I would add my opinion. In my experience with the last graphics card I had until recently (ASUS ROG MARS GTX 760x2) SLI sucks most of the time... Oh but when it works, it works pretty well. A great example of a great SLI enabled game is the original Shadow of Mordor. The scaling is aprox 1.75x the performance. But even at that its not quite worth it. Theres some good examples but most seem to be bad or non-developed into games.
  7. I get this same exact issue. It usually happens when using a USB mic/headset combo for me. Anyone got the answer?
  8. You make a good point. However, I wasn't making this post to complain. I made it to see what other people thought about the change. TBH I am glad that I did get the old one with USB A but its not a big deal. Only because for my student over the next 3-6 years I will definitely need USB A. In saying that, USB C is definitely the way forward and I am glad that laptops are taking up the challenge. I still find it somewhat annoying that, at least for now, we have to carry around dongles and adaptors to use it, which in some environments can be frustrating. It also is a bit unlike Dell to release a laptop (XPS 13 8th Gen, which i bought) in November and then replace it with such a similar design 3 months or less later. I get why they didn't change the design because its safe and business like. But they have to change it eventually, and if they continue to do incremental small changes like this it might cause more frustration for consumers in a similar situation like me. The bottom line is, I am happy with my laptop, more so than if i got the new one. But the new one is great and its only better, just not for me.
  9. Your totally right. The times that you use USB are fairly limited anyway, but I still would have liked to have seen at least 1 type A. They might actually include a dongle or adaptor of sorts.
  10. I'm sure I would. But I'm still happy I got one with USB type A. I doubt it will ever truly be phased out. For my use I would only ever need a single dongle ready port
  11. Dell has announced a New XPS 13 line! This is a great new addition to the XPS family and I'm sure it is the best XPS yet. However, its only USB connections are type-c thunderbolt... Sounds great! Not really. While having USB Type-C is great to push more companies to make compatible devices, who wants a laptop with only USB Type-C. I'm sure there are plenty of specific use cases that could benefit, but what about the majority that don't? What would a student do if they had to say, plug in ANYTHING. I get it, "just use a dongle dammit!" but I don't want to carry around a dongle just to use anything I own. This may seem slightly over dramatic, but what do you think about devices exclusively using Type-C in the future? Whilst being necessary in the long-term, what about the short? Does it matter? I want to know.
  12. Short answer there is no best SLI GPUs coming from my experience with SLI only 2 games that I have out of 100 use it, with decent performance improvements but unreliable performance. Honestly if you have the budget to get two graphics cards of a low tier, you should get a single high tier card instead every day of the week.
  13. Ill be playing at 1080p definitely. Only money, ill remember that... One main game that i'd love to have run great would be SWBF2. Even though theres issues with all GPUs. Pairing it with an FX8350 for the time being until I do my new build (using the 1070), will it bottleneck at all at 1080p?
  14. I have about 2 hours to jump on this deal and im still not sure. My main concern is that if I buy this now will it be able to run AAA titles at high to ultra for atleast 3 years? I know its a tough question to answer but that knowing that would put my concern to rest.