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  1. Good excuse to upgrade the pc then lol built it like 5 years ago so think I'm due an upgrade lol
  2. Took my Ram sticks out to see if the board would recognise and wouldn't boot without Ram. Been getting Error code A9 most attempts at booting. Tried plugging the SSD into another power connector and turned on computer, getting message on screen now saying BOOTMGR image is corrupt. The System cannot boot. Take it, it's a SSD Erase and fresh install?
  3. looking some help, was away for a week and came back and turned my computer on, the last thing I done on it was a disk defragment and optimise my hard drives, I have an SSD which holds my OS and a 1TB drive for everything else, both of which are very full. So I turned on my computer and the monitor just black screens with an underscore blinking and then takes me to my BIOS, the Qcode its showing is A9 which I've read is a display issue, I removed my Graphics card and tried again and still same error. Other times I have turned on my computer and it shows Qcode AE or AO but doesn't boot, comes up automatic repair windows, blue screens then gives error either Driver PNP watchdog or Windows inaccessible boot device! Sometimes the BIOS doesn't see my SSD drive and sometimes it does, restarted the computer and black screen came up saying Checking Media Presence, Media Present, Start PXE over IPV4 hit ESC on keyboard and computer went to BIOS Error code is now AE? I think I need to erase my drives and install windows again but I'm really trying to avoid that, there isn't anything on my computer that I can't lose but would like to avoid losing anything if possible. Really needing help!
  4. my dad needs a pair of headphones, he gets to work on a bus and then a train and uses crappy little in ear buds to listen to music, so I'd love if he got a pair of Bose quiet comfort headphones, im from the UK so not sure what link to send lol I'll link US and UK amazon US http://www.amazon.com/Bose-QuietComfort-Acoustic-Cancelling-Headphones/dp/B00M1NEUKK/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1449787291&sr=1-4&keywords=bose+headphone UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bose-QuietComfort-Acoustic-Cancelling-Headphones/dp/B00M1NEUKK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1449787739&sr=8-1&keywords=bose+quietcomfort+25
  5. KraZz3D


    it works fine with HDMI but i wanna use HDMI for my TV and my GPU Drivers where just updated not long ago really dont have any clue anymore what else to try there's no bends or breaks or anything in the display cable so im really not sure
  6. KraZz3D


    i only have one display cable and one monitor that has display port. the problem only comes up sometimes whenever i have my tv connect via hdmi and monitor via display port id put a movie onto the tv and turn off my monitor thats when i would usually get this problem
  7. KraZz3D


    looking for some help I have a Dell monitor connected to my evga gtx 970 via display port its full size display port on the card and the mini display port on the monitor but whenever i turn it on its not detecting the display sometimes its done this twice now and i havent a clue how to make it work this time if i use HDMI its fine, it works no problem but i dont want to run it on hdmi because i use it for my TV when i turn the display on it just says entering power save mode and says that its not receiving a signal from the computer i have tried using windows display detect button but it just comes up saying another display not connected? i have looked in the nvidia control panel as well and its not showing anything? does anyone know how to fix this??
  8. i've installed windows a couple of times so wouldn't have any problems there, just wasn't sure if it was a good thing to do, I could install it no problem. If i wanted to install a bigger SSD how would i get OS X onto the new SSD?
  9. tbh not very much is going to be stored on my MacBook, if i was to have a go at it, is there any problems i might have? like could i do damage to it?
  10. Hi guys I recently bought a MacBook Pro 15inch base model a few months ago since I finally got a job and I'm a junior web designer for a small company. Really enjoying it so far, anyways..... I am loving my MacBook, it's really good and blasts through everything but I have been looking at maybe duel booting windows 8.1 as well? It has a 250GB SSD, soo my question is... Is it a good or bad idea to duel boot on a Mac with not a lot of storage? plus if people say yea it would be fine, where could i go to get my Mac to duel boot?? any help would be awesome P.S I am planning on building a gaming pc sometime this year after my holiday to Florida!!
  11. I would but I'm to impatient and want a pc lol at the minute im using a crappy laptop that is on its death bed and takes forever at doing anything, so kind of need a computer asap so i don't lose anything or get left behind in assignments with tech and other stuff
  12. that seems awesome lol but I don't have that sort of money up front looking to just get it on finance, to impatient to save up and buy everything just want it NOW!!! haha
  13. at the minute i'm not sure lol I basically just taking it out on finance, but at the minute my basket is at £1400 and not really wanting to go any further. I wouldn't be doing very heavy stuff in photoshop and to be honest won't be using it very much
  14. I have just recently got a job as a junior web designer and I'm also at tech studying IT, doing programming and web animation and networking, along with lots of other stuff. this will be my first ever build and I'm not a complete noob but just want to make sure that this will do what i need it to do and not stutter or slow down, plus will also be playing games as well and sort of want it to be future proofed, i'm not looking to do any custom watercooling but will probably upgrade ram to 16gb in the future. I will be using this for web design, photoshop, bit of programming and gaming. motherboard is: Asus z97 maximus VII ranger procesoor: i7 4790K Cooling: corsair h80i Ram: corsair vengeance 2 x 4GB sticks SSD: crucial mx100 256GB HDD: 1TB seagate PSU: 650W evga supernova g1 full modular 80 plus gold GPU: EVGA gtx970 superclocked 4GB case: corsair obsidian 450D Fans: corsair sp120 quiet edition, high pressure mouse: corsair m45 keyboard: corsair k70 any feed back will be great :-)
  15. ohh never knew that lol :-) learn something new everyday