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  1. https://www.asus.com/Graphics-Cards/HD7970DC23GD5/specifications/ I've got 5.1" here, I'll measure it myself when I get home. The 120mm would be giving a bit of extra clearance at the top I'd imagine, so coolers aren't pressed up against the window. I did see someone say 130mm can be done with room for the PCIE cables. If I can see how much room there is from the PCI bracket (where it screws in) to the window in this case I'd know for sure if it can or can't fit.
  2. I wonder how the card is measured, what I found was 129mm, but that's still over. And on another forum the word was 130-140mm which was doable in this case. So that would have worked.
  3. Ah right, from what I quickly worked out it seemed too close to not get a second opinion.
  4. Yeah it's just from the mobo to window I'm worried about. I did see someone cut the window to let the heatpipe clear from a Strix card, but I'm not sure on the dimensions of that card compared to mine. Do you have the air 240?
  5. Hi all, The TL;DR is: Has anyone tried cramming an ASUS DirectCUII Card (the triple slot 7970 to be exact) into the Corsair Air 240? I sold my gaming PC a while ago because I hadn't turned it on in 6 months, but I'm a little bored with MacBooks and iPhones (and my PS4) and I wanna play a few modded games (GTA V, Assetto Corsa etc). I bought an old system with an i7 920, 6GB RAM and an EVGA X58 SLI Micro for $200 (NZD), but the case is ugly, dirty and smells like an actual dog (so bad it's not going in the house). So I'm looking at the Air 240 and every looks like a good plan, apart from the GPU height clearance. I've got an old 7970 DCII lying around which I'd like to use, but it looks like it's going to be a very close fit with the window. The two 8-pin connectors will probably need right angle connectors (where can I get these in NZ for cheap or is there an international eBay link?) but the card itself is still concerning. Also if anyone in NZ has some spare parts they want to donate or sell cheap PM me please, I'm documenting everything so I'll probably start posting a build log on here as well. I'm still looking for a PSU and an AIO liquid cooler/low profile air cooler. Also another SSD, some LEDS, case fans, bluetooth and wifi adapter would be useful. Hit me up about anything you have. Thanks
  6. Yeah it's that second generation of these I'm hoping start to make more sense. On the subject of iPhones being trash and their evolution, there's honestly not a big difference between phones nowadays. I like my 6 Plus, but I'd probably be fine using a Note 4. I could honestly get away with using the original HTC One again or even an iPhone 5.
  7. Doesn't really make sense, if you own an iPhone, buying a ZenWatch makes a lot less sense than an Apple Watch.
  8. iisshaun

    Favorite flagship of all time?

    Functionally I love my iPhone 6 Plus, but the latest phone isn't the most fun answer and it doesn't look all that nice imo. I think it's a draw between my old iPhone 5s and the HTC One M7. Loved the designs of both, the 5s all round has an edge over the M7, but the front of the M7 looks more interesting than the plain slab of black (5s). Build quality was noticeably better on the iPhone, but the One M7 is still probably my favourite Android phone. The One M8 doesn't look nice to me as well (got rid of mine after a day), 2013 had the best designs. So yeah, I'd say the iPhone 5s. It was my first iPhone after many many Android phones and I don't think I can switch back, heck I've tried twice already and just can't do it. The design of it was perfect and beats the 6 easily, the build quality was noticeable even coming from the One, and the software was extremely reliable. I just wish Apple's design team didn't have a stroke and would ditch the new design this year (not likely), and somehow scrap the current Apple Watch and made something like the Moto 360 (extremely unlikely)... heck I wish Apple would just buy Lenovo and rebrand the Moto 360 to their own.
  9. iisshaun

    Innerfidelity says the new Beat solos2 are "Excellent"

    I haven't tried the new Beats, but a friend of mine swears by them now. I've actually heard from many that the newer models are starting to sound decent, probably still overpriced for what you get, but better is better.
  10. iisshaun

    Oculus DK2 uses the Samsung Note 3 screen

    I'm quite surprised they just used the whole front enclosure of the Note 3, I thought it was going to be the panel itself. I'm not a fan either, but I think SAMOLED is great for the Oculus. The pitch blacks will make it a lot more immersive since it's in an enclosure, but also there's no need to worry about sunlight. The other thing is that these are super bright now, at least in the Note 3 (so I can see why they specifically used this). Of course the colours are never going to be nice and neutral like on an IPS screen, but I think I can give that up for the benefits of SAMOLED this one time, in this one specific case.
  11. iisshaun

    need a 10'' screen for an arcade cabinet

    Probably no help at all, but you can get the Retina iPad screens for about $100 or something. Only uses DisplayPort though, and it's out of your budget.
  12. iisshaun

    Does anyone else think the 3x monitors is kinda, niche.

    I've been using dual 23" 1080p screens for a while now. The center one is in landscape and the one on the left is in portrait. I don't think I'd like 3 landscape screens either. I have a 32" 1440p screen on the way and it's going to be the center screen with the two 23"s flanking either side in portrait. I won't have to turn my head too much as I have them at nearly 3ft away (I may push them right back to 3ft).
  13. iisshaun

    4K Monitor, everything so tiny...

    Yeah Windows scaling is terrible at the moment, 4K on a 32" is barely bearable atm, couldn't imagine it on a 28" screen. Hopefully in the next Windows version we get some scaling options similar to OSX's upscaling and downscaling method.
  14. iisshaun

    Do 21:10 Monitors exist?

    Nope, not a thing unfortunately. The 1080p 21:9 screens aren't that great, but if that's your price range, look into the 1440p 16:9 screens. If you can go even higher, then the 1440p 21:9 screen from LG would be awesome.
  15. iisshaun

    1 big screen vs 3 smaller screens

    For gaming I prefer one big screen, for everything else I like multiple monitors. I'd say get one big screen and down the road look at getting another or maybe 2 smaller screens. I've kinda done the reverse and got two 23" screens, the 32" for the middle is on its way.