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  1. How would you contact them?
  2. What would I call anyway
  3. You didn't have to register tech preview
  4. I got tech preview, so no key...
  5. I'm getting a new board....
  6. Penny5837

    Network layout showoff

    I live about 50 miles away from the ISP going through about 20 hubs. When people start using networks in other neighborhoods, the entire network slows down. Not to mention my ping to the ISP's Speed test server is greater than 10Ms. I also pay $180 a month for 150 down, and 20 up. They are burning my money for shitty service.
  7. Penny5837

    Moving from AMD to Intel

    Alright, thanks guys
  8. Getting an i5 3570k to replace my FX-6350, and I'm just wondering if I'll need to reinstall windows. I don't know if this is posted in the right place, but hopefully it is.
  9. Don't get the WD cloud, I have the 3TB version, and it is slower than anything on my network, not to mention the UI is terrible, and isn't visible on your network by default.
  10. Penny5837

    Optimal business configuration

    Glad I'm not
  11. Penny5837

    GTA V anyone?

    Peterino55 on steam.
  12. Penny5837

    Mechanical Keyboard with Screens on top of each keycap?

    Us robots don't have much creativity.
  13. Penny5837

    Mechanical Keyboard with Screens on top of each keycap?

    Think it would be cool, but the about of power it would pull from the USB would be huge. Oled would be really nice since you can turn off the black pixels. I just can't see a practical use of the technology.
  14. Penny5837

    My new high-end build!

    Alright, I know 16GB is OP, but I can recommend it highly.
  15. Penny5837

    What do you prefer?

    I know Logitech makes amazing mice, but I don't know about razer. Personally I choose the one that looks better.
  16. Penny5837

    Optimal business configuration

    Damn, was about to use it for my server instead of 2008.
  17. Penny5837

    Optimal business configuration

    If you don't want to spend so much on windows server, you can download the tech preview of 2016 here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/evaluate-windows-server-technical-preview
  18. Liking the new forum look, but not liking the new loading times. 

    1. Flight1sim


      @cactusneedle_18 most likely indexing old posts and status updates etc. 

    2. Cactusneedle_18


      they switched gui(s) not servers, that doesnt make much sense to me why they would do that

    3. Penny5837


      They removed some features, so they have to recompile some posts. 

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  19. Penny5837

    Ugliest Tech Ever

    My bad, love reading old stuff.
  20. Penny5837

    Ugliest Tech Ever

    Didn't come with one...
  21. Penny5837

    iPhone 5SE enters mass production

  22. Penny5837

    $300 Steam gift cards giveaway [ Region free ]

    I wish people were more like you. So nice.
  23. Alright, I'm pretty sure it's not my connection, and this doesn't happen often, but this is terrible. Here are my internet speeds: I don't think it's the problem. Can you guys help, I can't even stream 1080p video, let alone 480p. It's terrible. Vessel streams fine, and Netflix is working perfectly. Please help, it's killing me.
  24. Penny5837

    Painfully slow YouTube buffering

    The problem is definitely on google's side, with a vpn in New York, it still buffers.
  25. Penny5837

    Painfully slow YouTube buffering

    Didn't do anything Tried Edge, didn't change anything