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  1. Not trying to create an argument. If you felt I was I apologize. Every reviewer on YouTube that reviews Intel and and AMD chips have been saying AMD is better and I'm trying to understand from a strictly gaming perspective why they say that. If the top end of amds gaming line ends around the r7 3700x that isn't what I'm after. Just wanted a detailed explanation without pitch forks coming out on why I still prefer Intel for my use case. Let me put it simply if the 500 dollar offering (total cost of the microcenter bundle) was within a frame or 2 of Intel id switch.
  2. At this point I think I have a good grasp on the situation just wanted to see if there was something I'm missing. In terms for fps it still looks like in the budget I'm putting towards my upgrade Intel will give me what I'm after.
  3. Unless I'm getting more frames with a 3700x then that's correct
  4. I'm trying to break up my upgrade cycle. Cpu Mobo and ram first then 500 into gpu later so probably rtx3700 or rtx4700 I game at 1440p and 144 hz. Hopefully that helps put things into perspective.
  5. The thing though is with micro center bundles it makes it pretty much a wash in my opinion I'd like to go AMD because of the chipset and lower manufacturer process but the performance for gaming isn't enough for me. I was hoping to wait to ddr5 but I read an article saying that ddr5 isn't going to be a lot faster so I don't feel nearly as burned with ddr4. I appreciate your opinion having both a ryzen system and a Intel 8 series system.
  6. I'm persuadable however it comes down to what's going to get me the highest performance at the dollar amount my 4790k is 6 years old so I don't plan on upgrading for a long time. I also intend on spending 500 to 600 on mobo ram and cpu. Also later upgrading my gpu because my current system would have a gpu bottleneck. I want AMD to be a choice but spending money on a budget system isn't what I do. A r5 or r7 isn't enough gaming performance wise and I don't want to spend r9 money or i9 money if that makes sense.
  7. I have an older card a GTX 980 but the trouble is my 4790k is starting to show age and I want to take care of cpu then circle back around to my gpu so maybe a rtx 3000 or 4000 series when it comes to it. I have a gsync monitor before I get amd fan boys with pitch forks.
  8. I understand the logic but keep in mind high refresh rate monitors there is a difference in feel and when you exceed 60fps the game feel is better imo. So that is why I'm splitting hairs with AMD and Intel if the price is similar and I'm getting more from camp a or b its more alluring to go one direction. All this before someone throws down my throat a stupid cinebench score.
  9. Everything just seems like a awful choice I win here I lose there. But I'd say 6 years is long enough to wait on a CPU/MOBO/RAM upgrade originally I was going to wait till DDR5 but intel and amd are dragging there feet there. The whole point in my asking was to try and get why people who suggest AMD Ryzen dont look at it from a strictly gaming standpoint to if you do production and gaming this if you do gaming then this. I just don't see the increase that would warrant it if I'm given both options at essentially equal pricing.
  10. Probably going to be out of my price range. I'm looking towards the i7 which is a lot closer to the i9 that is out currently.
  11. Yea really hasn't changed my mind and hasnt topped Intel yet and the price difference on mobo and cpu isn't in a position to sway me towards amd. That and pins on CPUs again yuck and a new noctua mount
  12. What about 1440p and 144hz I haven't looked too far into stuff in that area.
  13. Thats true I could go down to a lower series board however you lose out on pci e 4. And considering that the ballpark I normally land myself in with a i7 type build the only reason I would go AMD at this point would be to either A. Get higher frames then a i7 which at this moment amd hasnt done. and B. Get PCI E 4
  14. I plan on using microcenter. I'm just trying to understand the arguement that one is inherently better strictly for gaming. I'll use an example for a 3800x combo at microcenter its 500 dollars. https://www.microcenter.com/product/5003223/-amd-ryzen-7-3800x-with-wraith-prism-cooler,-asus-prime-x570-pro,-cpu---motherboard-bundle If i go with a intel i7 9700 for example I'm spending 50 dollars less. https://www.microcenter.com/product/5002608/-intel-core-i7-9700k,-asus-prime-z390-p,-cpu---motherboard-bundle
  15. The problem is in a lot of benchmarks I was looking at the 3700k falls a good margin short in benchmarks 5-10 frames is not small.