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  1. I remember hearing something similar about tube amps. I went with the modi and magni stack and have been quite pleased. Small differences with the sound floor over a sound card , and getting used to turning off my amp.
  2. I getcha with the Heresy. I went with it because it has an op amp. And the Heresy comes in black the + doesn't.
  3. I ended up getting the Schiit stack worked within my budget and I remember Linus reviewing them some time ago. I would of preferred one unit but since the pricing was in line I went with them. Modi - Dac (Black) and Magni Heresy (Black). Didn't need anything crazy so hopefully it'll all work out.
  4. Right on! Thanks for responding. Trying to get a dac/amp set mainly because it's cheaper and because 1 unit versus 2.
  5. Currently trying to get away from my soundcard as it's dated and the software doesn't get much attention now days. It's fine just wanting something new. I had two I was looking at and was curious what people's thoughts were on a dac amp combo. Not trying to break the bank just want something reliable. https://drop.com/buy/xduoo-ta-03s-tube-dac-amp/reviews#reviews https://drop.com/buy/massdrop-o2-sdac-dac-amp
  6. Its about stopping tearing and having a smoother frame experience. I'll put in the old linus tech tips vid for my monitor.
  7. I look at it from this perspective buying the more expensive item to push it further out. I don't want a 2080ti which is last gen in the 3070/6800 but I want something higher end now and good value later. My current setup Intel i9 9900k (stock) Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra G.Skill Trident 32GB (8x4) Asus Strix Geforce GTX980 Asus Essence STX Soundcard Samsung 860 EVO 1TB Samsung 850 EVO 500GB Samsung 950 PRO 256GB Corsair HX750 EK 360 AIO w/3x Noctua
  8. They are able to use the monitor to display the image but not the feature of gsync. However to circle back my focus is should amd be an option given my current display given the current card climate.
  9. You are correct. My monitor has no freesync support just gsync. The advantage is that since it's chipped I can use a 900 series card where as I can't on a gsync compatible monitor.
  10. I'm on the list for both the 70 and 80 with evga and would do a step up with the 70 if I got that first. I use gsync with everything nice to not have to worry about tearing and turning vsync off.
  11. True I should add some context I have a i9 9900k and a gtx 980 so I'm weighing my options on the gpu upgrade
  12. I currently have a gsync chipped gsync monitor the PG278Q solid monitor. Its always kept me with team green because gsync is a nice feature along with the 1440p and 144hz I get with the display. However given the performance of the 6800xt and "maybe" the stronger availability to lose the feature for an AMD or wait till Evga calls my name for the 3080. Really curious what the community would think. Thanks.
  13. While I understand that with my current orientation if it's good or is it needed to be altered
  14. Just curious if I'm with my current radiator orientation. If I put the ek aio as shown online id have to bend the tubes to make it work not looking as good asthetically. Am I ok with my setup? Or should I move it to avoid long term pump damage.
  15. Thanks guys yea I'll probably just get the 3080. Tech deals made the point if you can afford the 3070 then you can afford the 3080. I feel like maybe like most people that he 3080 has been more difficult to obtain this time around.