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  • Birthday 1992-08-07

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  • CPU
    i5 3570k at 4.5ghz
  • Motherboard
    MSI z77-gd65 GAMING
  • RAM
    16gb G.skill Ripjaws
  • GPU
    Two EVGA SC gtx660t's in SLI
  • Case
    Corsair 300r
  • Storage
    2tb Seagate Barracuda
  • PSU
    Antec HCG-750
  • Cooling
    zalman cnps9900max
  • Keyboard
    thermaltake tt esports poseidon z with browns
  • Mouse
    Corsair M95
  • Operating System
    Win 8.1 Pro

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  1. Something like a Phanteks tc12 costs $50 and will beat all 120mm/140mm liquid coolers.
  2. Im pretty sure it is a modified version of something as well.
  3. An OEM/TRAY CPU is JUCK the chip, no cooler/manual/box.
  4. An i3 beats the 6300 in most games. I owuld definitely get an i3 4160 and an h97 board and then you can upgrade to an i5 later down the road. Can;t go wrong.
  5. I use some faux leater chair I got from Staples a while back. Nothing special.
  6. 100% agree that ther eis no use it getting a 120.140mm cooler. Even some of the lower end 240mm coolers are beaten by air coolers. Not to mention air coolers are much quieter as well.
  7. The XFX550 is a verygood quality unit made by Seasonic. It can EASILY run WAY more than a 770.
  8. I have the wrap around galant and love it!
  9. 4690k FOR SURE. THe 9590 has ALL kinds of issues. Don't even consider it.
  10. It is a good case. That is for sure.
  11. When I had a gigabyte 7950 with the windoforce cooler it sagged quite alot. Your sag does not look bad at all. I would not worry.
  12. I have built in the H440 and found it lacluster. Not the best for the price.
  13. Another great and cheap mech board is the Thermaltake ttesports Posideon Z. I have one with browns and love it.
  14. Ahh ok. Haave a look at the CM haf X case.